4 DA BEST! The Repeat!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I just saw some of the most hilarious people in the world a few days ago whilst having lunch at Packo's in Sct. Esguerra QC. I must say I have been laughing non stop to their antics on TV shows and youtube videos of their respective concerts outside the country. It's been on the works for many years and true enough they have been able to consistently fill up huge venues when they did it the first time and now it's up to another dose of humor with Ms. K BROSAS, TSOKOLEIT, Ms. POKWANG and POOH in a grand showdown of fun and laughter at the Music Museum on May 4, 11, 12. It's entitled "4 DA BEST The Repeat" which is a run on their successful concert last March.

I got the chance to chat with them over lunch and they really were a rowdy bunch! They kinda know each other too much that their timing and comedy wouldn't be a problem because it's something innate. It's not something that is learned or scripted... its something that you are born with otherwise you wouldn't be an effective comedian says Ms. K Brosas. I've been following her on twitter and all her antics on the WAPAK na WAPAK Dear Teh video blogs as well. It was so nice to get to talk to them in a different light. Tsokoleit exuded so much fun but in hindsight he was this soft spoken person that always mentioned God in almost all his tweets. It's a totally different person that I was seeing that afternoon. It was a little off putting but I guess we are really different in cyberspace and in real life. It was really fun though to hear from them the small antics and talks in between when they suddenly burst into laughter. This bond seemed to be based on friendship and years of being together in the scene. When asked about Vice Ganda and what they felt about his success and all, they both said so many nice things about Vice and didn't think about envy like what other people say. They know Vice from way back and they are so happy about his success too. Isn't that so nice to hear from them? So humble.

I got to also ask some questions about their love life but they are happily single. Ms. K Brosas was so proud of her daughter too who is taking the path of being a beauty queen. Who wouldn't if you've got genes like Ms. K right? She's so pretty! =) though she lambasted her a bit about her humor. She can do everything else but crack a corny joke =)

They say this will be four times (No, make that 8 times!) the FUN, HAPPINESS and LAUGHTER so make sure you get those tickets and watch this once in a lifetime show by famed Director/Producer Andrew De Real via Anime Entertainment. Reserve by calling SM TICKETS 4702222 or Ticketworld at 8919999. Ticket prices start from 2750, 1980 and 1100. If you want something fun to do on weekends this might be the perfect date activity for you and your loved ones!

Need I say more? Capisce?! =)


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el toro bumingo said...

Mukhang maganda ang ensemble ng cast ah. Si Tsokoleit paborito ng aunt ko na nasa California :)