CHAMPION's "Walk Away From Stains" Fashion Show!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Did you know that there was a Fashion show that happened in Mindanao Avenue last March 18, 2012?

I really missed it but there were some details I got from friends who were able to witness it at the newest Super8 Supermarket branch in Visayas Avenue. Nobody knew it would happen right smack in the middle of the supermarket, but just imagine gorgeous models and clothes strutting isle number 1 to 32. It would have been great to experience that! Their task was to convey a simple message, they would need to show how CHAMPION DETERGENT protects their clothes from stains! 

Strutting down the catwalk was not just ordinary clothes, it was all made by THE one and only Randy Ortiz; directed by noted Fashion Show Director Jackie Aquino. Do you remember the gorgeous gowns I shot from Philippine Fashion Week? It was all Randy Ortiz, now picture that dress up close and its exactly the feeling shoppers had that afternoon! When the clock struck 3:30pm Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger suddenly just loudly played and out came models clad in Randy Ortiz made clothes overlayed with tailor made plastic. Models suddenly run amuck and sprayed ketchup, mustard, cheese and mayo with each other. Up the ramp, they simply took it off and eliminated those stains showing some of the best pieces this country has ever seen! The crowd was stunned and didn't realize it was all happening for real. Your champion bar and detergent simply wiped away stains in a jiffy!

As if that wasn't enough they did it again after an hour now mustering a BIGGER crowd. Together with the supermarket's crew and cheers patrons had the chance to pose and take photos with the models later on in a superb showing of force at SUPER8 Supermarket! CHAMPION got its message across and everyone enjoyed the afternoon! I know I would too if I was there! An unexpected third one happened but I didn't get to catch that as well. But its alright, i got my CHAMPION Detergent at home... Maybe I'lll try modeling around my yard later this evening! Haha! :)

You can also do the same and get it too, check out CHAMPION detergent products in your favorite supermarkets nationwide! Congratulations also to Super8 for being the only supermarket to ever pull off a stunt like this in the Philippines!

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ZaiZai said...

haha ang cute ng concept. too bad you missed it kumagcow, ang saya cguro nung nagdumihan sila ng gowns :)

el toro bumingo said...

Astig ng Champion ah! Talagang may fashion show hehehe