"EDGEWORKS "A Series of Workshops with Edge of Light

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I have passion for fashion photography. In years of learning how to make the legwork before executing it I needed to learn a lot of things and of course it didnt come overnight. I was lucky that in this day and age there are masters willing to share their expertise. I was blessed to have attended Xander Angeles' workshop a couple of years ago and yes; it has drastically changed my idea of what photography should be from a "fashion photography" standpoint. I needed to learn the basics, then learn some OTHER things because the art continues to evolve. I had to see more clearly why he had gorgeous shots and mine was mediocre to say it nicely. In the real world, it can be literally categorized as weird + awesome + gorgeous + sexy... But in his philosophy it's just different. That's exactly what I found out with my Sensei Xander Angeles.

Xander Angeles in action during the Iphoneography Workshop
Xander during the Elite Manila - Fashion Academy Open House
Xander Angeles during the Boudoir Workshop
Practical and actual application of theoretical things learned after the workshop.

Good thing they have a series of workshops throughout May and it's promptly called "EDGEWORKS "A Series of Workshops with Edge of Light"".

Classes will be Sundays ; 9AM-6PM
Fashion Photography | May 6

Creative Lighting Workshop | May 13

Swimwear Shoot | May 20

Boudoir Shoot | May 27

You'll be able to learn a lot of things. He'll teach you how to deconstruct photos and how to use lighting effectively. He also gives practical advise on experimenting with different light sources. That's what I really enjoyed that time!

Though the batch today will be doubly LUCKY, aside from the chance to learn from him... they'll get lots of perks and freebies from camera organizations. They also have the chance to take 20% - 40% off the regular price on some of the wares as they will be directly selling them during the workshop. 

All the photo shoots will be inclusive of world class ELITE Models, MUA and Stylist, a workshop certificate, official Edge of Light shirt, food and drinks!



X_07 (Touch of Pink)

It's a once in a lifetime chance to learn from experienced photographers like him. It did wonders for some of my shots. Now it's your turn!

For Inquiries and Reservations

Call Edge of Light at

Tel. No. (63) 2 3832209

And look for Haikka

Or Email edgeoflightinc@yahoo.com



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