Eat, Pray, Love, Damuhan

Friday, April 13, 2012

I wish this was easy
But I'm sure it never will be
How can I get over someone like you
When I see you in my dreams as a MA LIG NO

 I go crazy
And wanted to even push you to the John
But I couldn't really do that 
I'd have to figure out the PANITIKAN

I promised them one by one
A leg or a limb; as much as we can
I don't know if it would work much of I am
But that's how they see it; their own LARAWAN

Bothered; wasting all my tears with all that
It maybe true, maybe just one KULISAP
Should I dare what all I have to say;
Maybe I'll try and do that some other day.

To tell you how I feel my love
Is more than what I could explain; go on;
 Does it matter that I'd lose a lot of blood?
Maybe so rather than eat my own GALUNGGONG

Can you give back my pride; down inside;
I don't know how but that's my HINUHA
Couldn't deal with it, hurting more; decide;
 Never want to live another ZARSUELA

It's always with friends that I feel so good;
A visit to a SILID-AKLATAN might shy away; understood.
I love the thought of coming come to you.
KAGAWARAN and all. Like a ray of light shining through.

If I live with love; flying like a SARANGGOLA
I'd be less confused of what I'll ever want to be
More than the love of Edward and Bella
Maybe then I'll be... one of you... and be your BAYANI
All that and more.. it'll happen someday
It'll be you, me... on the DAMUHAN.

This is an entry to the Bagsik ng Panitik contest by Bino Bautista of DAMUHAN
Beat that! Hahaha! #FirstClass! #KapalKalaMoMananaloLOL


Palakanton said...

parang fil-am lang ang gumana nito ah. 
kakaiba yun tema at mahusay.
should I say "magaling" with slang. haha

AXL Powerhouse Prod. said...

hahha... talagang ayaw pahabog ng 1st class!!

jhenpot said...

hahaha. so 1st class naman this one. so sossy. lols

KUMAGCOW said...

 haha :) well I really tried pero my tagalog writing was really ugly... at least we have something na medyo fun!! :)pasaway daw ako sabe ni Bino hahaha

KUMAGCOW said...

 Hahah ganyan dapat AXL, hanggang dito dala yan hahah :D

KUMAGCOW said...

 Thanks Jhenpot! Haha ako lang tata di serious sa panitikan sumthing sumthing LOL

el toro bumingo said...

Ikaw na makata! Grabe, +1,000 pogi points naman ang galing mo sa poetry. I'm beginning to have a crush on you Mr. Kumagcow wahehehe

John Ahmer said...

Huwaw Honggaling! Idol talaga. Apir! Balato ha? Haha

John Bueno said...

Hahah @Ahmer pero ikaw talaga ang porn star Ahmer wala ako panama sayow hahaha