"The Mommy Returns!" Showing on May 9th, 2012!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Different artists from different networks need not to worry Filipinos anywhere in the world. Why? There's always one film outfit willing to get these artists into one huge project. Think about the names Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez, Mr. Gabby Concepcion, Pokwang, John Lapus (whom I found so hilarious in Moron 5 and the Crying Lady), Gloria Diaz, Kiray Celis, Gerald Pesigan and GMA's premier child star Jillian Ward together in one movie and I'm sure you'll give this a shot. These guys have been able to get hits off their individual projects and with them together in this Regal Films concoction it'll be one heck of a Mother's Day Presentation and a horror-comedy film!

It's not an ordinary slapstick flick where they would need to hurt each other before someone would laugh in their seats; but heavily invests on situational funny moments in this family oriented comedy. This isn't my first time seeing Pokwang in roles like these because she has starred in quite a number of films I've covered. She's the matriarch who dies and was sent to purgatory. They have some funny terms used for that place and John Lapuz' character. After Pokwang dies in the film, beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez suddenly gets to capture gorgeous man Gabby Concepcion. His situation entails her dealing with the three kids Pokwang left plus the ghost she portrays in the film.

It was my first time seeing Ms. Ruffa Guttierez and she was really gorgeous! She cried a bit when asked questions about her Mom and the brouhaha that happened a few weeks ago. Ms. Gloria Diaz was also there together with Gabby Concepcion and John Lapuz. They recollect how much talk they had to do about love and relationships while doing this film. Some of them have failed marriages but everyone seems to want a lifetime partner. They also had so much fun doing this movie together with the kids. Photos from the presscon here!


This mother's day offering from Regal Films, Ms. Roselle Monteverde and Mother Lily is directed by the one and only Joel Lamangan. If you've got some time on May 9th, 2012 or the weeks thereafter, check out this film so you could laugh, cry and fall in love all over again with "THE MOMMY RETURNS!."


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The Mommy Returns



Mac Callister said...

Oy ang humble humble lang ng blog title mo ha! Promise! "the goodlooking guy on his journey! Haha tarush!

Hmmm, mukhang maganda nga ang movie infurnez

ZaiZai said...

mukhang masaya to, andito si pokwang! :)

el toro bumingo said...

Kainggit ka naman. You're so near the stars hehehe. Pano ba makakuha ng invitation sa mga movie press con? :)