The Great Outdoors! Hang Ten's Summer-Spring 2012 Collection

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week is just around the corner and what glorious way to start the season in my site but by showing you something special this Summer - Spring Season 2012 courtesy of the good people from Hang Ten.

Hang Ten was one of the staple shirts I always have in my closet. Classy and perfect for any day and any occasion. I didn't really run out of it because even my folks tell me I look good in it. It has surpassed just being a classic shirt, even before it was always about the Californian culture. Even from the standpoint of living in a tropical country it wasn't normal to surf here back in the days; and that was one of the reason why I had to have it... why I needed Hang Ten.

This season they its one thing they let you in with that feeling; this time they let you experience how it is to dress up and be in the outdoors. Quite remarkable and impressive right from the get go. Shall we start?

Camp Hang Ten

If you can't get out of town, the next best thing to do is camp out in the woods. That simply commands a couple of things but the essentials are pretty fabulous including the things inspired from the gears and stuff you need to wear in order to survive. In hindsight it is like fashion, sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to look good. Hang Ten on the other hand makes everything comfortable yet they never sacrifice the look. You still have plaid, earth tones, leather and classic Banana Republic looking pieces that's a bang for the buck! Nobody said you need to spend a lot just to look good right? Imagine looking like you just came in from the wilderness, scruffy and all... that's the inspiration and by golly it's proven to bring out good looks as usual!

Just HOT!

Cotton Project

Think about the role of Wolverine in the popular XMEN series. Do you remember the part where he was a woodsman? If you see the aesthetic that runs into the style of their clothes, that's exactly the inspiration this other collection from Hang Ten runs. Plaid has never been better, so does the jeans. It's so nice to see feeling the breeze all over again whilst wearing some pieces from this joint.

Escaping the norm and getting the most comfortable things in your wardrobe is essential. For the rugged ones it'll surely be a hit!

It doesn't have to be complicated. It can actually be just EASY. With Hang Ten you will get it.


Heritage Collection

With its roots coming from the Californian side of the world, Hang Ten embraces their heritage by following the surf and sun aesthetic.Why not wear pieces that is intended for the beach, the sand and the waves? It's the perfect way to look sexy without showing too much skin. The outfit lineup in this collection reflects how much they pay homage to something quite unique to the Hang Ten brand.

Hang Ten impressed me with this collection so now it's your turn and rush out your favorite stores/kiosks throughout the country and find out for your self why you love HANG TEN! \m/


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