Foundations Forge Partnership: Investing in Youth Through Tech Education

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Two entities, SM Foundation and BingoPlus Foundation just formed a partnership in order to provide technology based education for those in exposed communities. The plan is for the BingoPlus FutureSmart and SM Foundation scholarship programs to fund those with interests in Game Development, Software Engineering and Data Science. They will also be supporting those who would delve in Web Development, Multimedia Arts, Design, and IT. This will benefit over 30 students for the upcoming school year.

DigiPlus is making headway in making sure the 100 Million Pesos of investments (through grants and partnerships like these) they are pouring in would benefit Filipino lives, the IT industry, especially since they are an entertainment corp that is all digital.

Debbie Sy the Executive Director and Trustee from SM Foundation reiterates how this collaboration is transformative and could create a huge impact for future professionals of the Philippine IT industry. If you want to know more about it, visit or if you want to also help.


PIOLO, SARAH, MATTEO and Sun Life Invites You to PLAY FOR LIFE!

The first line I heard from the speakers in this event, they said "Knowing is not equal to experience"; so in Sun Life's recent campaign they introduced to us not just financial advice, but lessons in this advocacy and planning.

Targeting Gen Z means dealing with people who have more than usual knowledge about investing in insurance and mutual funds. Sun Life is a pioneer in both fronts, and even in more certain times, Sun Life wants to simplify, more relatable through a game. They call it PLAY FOR LIFE.

Piolo, Sarah, and Matteo played the boardgame versions as well... Matteo won their round!

Sun Fit and Well for Donny Pangilinan - one that can cover health mishaps and hospitalization. They also are into preventive wellness, critical illness benefits, and specific cancer booster benefits. This also includes special bonuses and dividend earnings if you prefer to also invest done in a limited payment period. It is also affordable.

Sun Smarter Life Classic for the Guidicellis - because having double coverage is possible. Aside from the life insurance, you can do it double the face amount. It protects you from accidents, disability and illnesses. You can also use this as a fund in case of emergencies.

Sun Legacy for Piolo Pascual - This one is a protection and savings plan. Since Piolo knows how to save, this has lifetime insurance coverage up until the age of 100. This also has cash benefits, access to money when you need it, and short payment options if you want to pay for it easy. 

They also launched the "Play for Life" Game which can be done in life sized versions, board games or online versions. They plant to do these at Mall tours on July 27-28 in SM Sta Rosa, SM Lanang on Aug 24-25 and more tba. This certainly makes talk and understanding the things about Sun Life more fun. Actually, I tried the board game version versus other press and bloggers, and won in the end! 

Now it's your turn to play! Check out today!


Director Cathy Camarillo Served Needed "KILIG" in #BarDa Film THAT KIND OF LOVE

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Barbie Forteza and David Licauco stars in new funny-romance film THAT KIND OF LOVE 
(Photo by RandomRepublika's Kate Adajar)
After leaving the SM Cinemas during the "THAT KIND OF LOVE" Premiere Night, I felt quite relieved about how Director Catherine Camarillo made her recent films. After the well received "Chances Are: You and I" which stars Kelvin Miranda and Kira Ballinger, this new one probably had easier merits to execute because of the fact that this is the first film of Barbie Forteza and David Licauco. 

The pairing had remarkable success in their previous shows (ie Maria Clara at Ibarra, Maging Sino Ka Man), and putting out a film wouldn't be a walk in the park because it doesn't necessarily mean that if you are good on TV, it would be the same with box office returns; because they admit, the movie industry is still ailing in some way shape or form.

This one though, holds a lot of promise. It's way different than what Barbie and David have been doing on TV for sure, and Direk CC took time to execute Ellis Catrina's vision of not only establishing these new characters, but how they could fall in love with their individual quirks, and make people feel that KILIG from start to finish.

This is exactly what the film offers. It's got a bit of laughter, a bit of romance, plus a solid love story. I feel above all, it's a gift for the #BarDa fans out there. She plays a matchmaker, while David is "The Perfect Guy". They have different upbringing, they have different set of friends, their outlook in life is not the same. When David's character talked to Barbie in the movie, he wanted her to set him up for a date. He was perfect, but he wasn't quite successful in that department. They both had egos, and the story of how they eventually fell in love is what's going to make you interested in this movie.

Director Cathy Camarillo knows how to put things together. Her first one was good, this one is better. Although on a different spectrum, this just makes all the #BarDa wishes come true. Think of what you want the #BarDa to become, and it's probably in this movie. The experience watching it on the silver screen is lovely, I guess the darkness makes you enjoy it more because nobody could see if you are smiling on your own... or crying, so nobody would judge you. That's the perk you get watching it in a cinema. 

THAT KIND OF LOVE will show on theaters this coming July 10th. Barbie and David would love for you to see what they've been working on. It's a really good #BarDa project, go watch it without a care in the world. Feel that same "KILIG" Direk CC wants you to feel, it's meant to be like that.

This film is produced by Pocket Media Productions Inc., Pocket Media Films and Happy Infinite Productions Inc. It will also be released by Regal Entertainment nationwide. Thank you to Digital Out of Home Inc. for being part of this too, who made it possible for us to cover the event! Muchas gracias!


Generals, Officers Issue Manifesto of Support for Colonel ARIEL QUERUBIN PN (Marines)

Monday, July 08, 2024

I was among heroes this morning from the Marines, Philippine Navy, the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police, all servant warriors as they pledge their support for Coloner Ariel Querubin, the most bemedalled Filipino soldier in history (including the coveted Medal of Valor).

Aside from the call for solidarity and heroism, he, along with 2000 Generals and Officers from different branches of the military are now signifying their support for his bid in running for the Senate.

When Ariel Querubin went up on stage, he discussed how even the venue of the event was instrumental in the history of the country. That no matter how divided people may have been in the past few years, they were there all together to support him. Querubin knows how this time, they are there for their children, their families, and stand united for God and country. He also emphasized how important it is to address external and internal threats, as our sovereignty is on the line.

He is able and willing to serve, a man who's capabilities are now backed by thousands of officers in the military, of it's different branches... And if you want a warrior in the Senate who can spark change, perhaps you know who could do it after the remarkable recommendation of these men and women. The entire nation deserves a good one.


Teased Then Confirmed: AI Portrait Master HONOR 200

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

There's nowhere to go but up with phone brand HONOR Philippines as they initially teased and confirmed the arrival of AI Portrait Master HONOR 200. What's even better is that they're also giving away an HONOR 200 via their FB Live broadcast this coming July 17 at 7PM. To be sure, you may have the event be alerted on your account via this broadcast link

Aside from the usual hardware, they developed the main camera together with Studio Harcourt so the portrait option would have exceptional quality. Output will be of studio quality. You don't even have to go to Paris to achieve that. Their VP Stephen Cheng recommends this to students, young professionals, content creators who would want quality output.

It's also got AI powered portrait capabilities, something that would change the game in getting flagship phone features and still deliver awesome performance. If you're excited as I am, make sure you save the stream so you wouldn't get left behind!


KIANA V Showcases "Sweet Release" Music Video

Saturday, June 29, 2024

The last time I saw Kiana was during the concert of her Dad Gary Valenciano. The prolific singer and songwriter just released the music video for her single "Sweet Release" which now can be seen on different platforms. Another feather to her hat, she worked as Director in this video together with her equally talented brother Gab, and MJ Arda. She also did edit the actual MV, something she prefers to add a personal touch on her work. 

MJ Arda though is no stranger to the business as he also choreographed several sequences with the ATeam. Unquestionably, this looks like a visual feast for the eyes. 

Kiana won Best Female R&B Recording Artist at the PMPC Star Awards, and this "Sweet Release" single won't shortchange those who adore her kind of music. It will be released 9am Manila Time and 6PM PST through Kiana's social channels. 

Certainly, a performer, singer and songwriter of her own credits. Congratulations Kiana!


GAB VALENCIANO Continues to Shine in US

Gab Valenciano surely didn't mind being a person from a very talented clan. It's been years and now, he's not just a son to Dad Gary but a very spirited Dancer/Choreographer who made headlines with his moves in viral video "Super Selfie". No less than Beyonce took notice and got the moves done in her 7/11 video a couple years back. 

Imagine, doing a thing in Florida, then having it be done by one of the greatest artists in the world, where it racked up 6000 million views. This just makes his efforts of finishing recording arts and engineering doubly special right? The move even got him nominated at MTG Video Music Awards for Best Choreography. Unbelievable to be credited in that together with greats Chris Grant and B herself!

Locally, he even did work for several soap operas on home station ABSCBN plus a few awards in the bag for Best Inspirational Song, Best Secular Song, Best Musical Score for several tracks he did on ABSCBN shows and indie film Alagwa which starred Jericho Rosales. He also did several music videos for his Dad, Yassi Pressman, Kai Buizon, and lovely sister Kiana. 

He's talented and a very accomplished motorcycle champ, he also did a few commercials, radio jingles, and recently, the TFC 30 Happy Hour during independence day celebrations in Texas. The man is now residing in the USA and still performs, does a lot of projects to feed his passion. 

Good job Gab! 


Philippines Gets Best Titan of Immersive Display: The 115 inch TCL X955

Friday, June 28, 2024

You've known big displays, but this one is REALLY BIG.

We wanted to get first dibs at the newest TCL X955, and this one is special because they call this the "Titan of Immersive Display" and we now know why.

This premium QD Mini LED 4K TV uses six crystal light emitting chip and has exceptional brightness and fast screen performance. It also has uniform backlight that doesn't irritate your view. The led also is 5x smaller than usual and utilize 5184 local dimming zones so you get very detailed output on display. It has 5000 nits HDR so those once blurry scenes can be seen. It also has super high contrast ratio, black is going to be really black. You can see your videos quite vivid, and doesn't over saturate, as it does lifelike colors by default. With its TCL AiPQ Processor 3.0, it does your videos with clarity, seeing much detail whether you have bright or dark scenes on screen. It also produces realistic colors and does it with wellness, you won't see scenes that are overly bright that would hurt your eyes. The audio is another thing as it is equipped with ONKYO 4.2.2ch that has it at 160 Watts, and Dolby Atmos, it will surely elevate your immersive audio experience which would make your movies really sound good. This has low reflection rate, you wouldn't see glare, and since this is a TITAN, the new 115 inch display would just make you speechless at first glance.

This also has 144Hz VRR refresh rate, and Dolby Vision, a new technology that makes it better for gamers to see details of your favorite titles. It also has an Ultra Slim Design, which means its sleek, you only need a small space for you to use it. Plus, it looks good from every angle... no need for a pricey designer to make a space work. Aside from the 115 inch, they also have this in 98 and 85 inch versions.

This is available in major appliance stores (this one is ABENSON's). Go get one if you need a new TV! No wonder it's the number 1 TV brand in the market!


AKTOR.PH and 24 Other Groups File National Artist Nomination for VILMA SANTOS the League of Filipino Actors and several groups just set a nomination for the Star for All Seasons Ms. Vilma Santos Recto, for the order of National Artist for Film and Broadcasting. In the event, educational groups, celebrities and were at the event signifying their support for this move. 

Dingdong Dantes says "You are seeing 20+ groups calling for this nomination that we are talking about, our Star for All Seasons Ms. Vilma Santos. Motion picture in the Philippines is the oldest in Asia. It serves as representations and aspirations. Being our nation's storyteller at AktorPH, we imagine being in the persona of a proud Actor. We envision them to be a nation builder and we wholeheartedly share one of our members Ms. Vilma Santos Recto. We celebrate her, her versatility, and unparalleled passion of Philippine cinema. Her immense talent breathed life to different roles, as the most awarded actress, she leaves an indelible mark in every Filipino. She inspires, starting from Trudis Liit as a young star, then to Darna and Dyesebel. Her chameleon like ability on how she tells the truth, her numerous projects and challenging roles tells how much she deserves this. Her range is unparalleled, captivating audiences in different generations. Her contributions go beyond showbiz, as a public servant, she stands as a symbol of empowerment and resilience. 6 decades of movies, television and public service, we would like to honor her as a cultural champion. In behalf of our officers, advisers, we fully support this nomination as National Artist!"

Here's our video coverage of the event this morning:

They filed all supporting documents yesterday at NCAA and believe it would take at least 1 and a half years to verify the information and decision to have the President approve of it. Dingdong and the rest of the organization pushing for the recognition is hopeful that if all falls into place, the honor would be bestowed upon Ms. Vilma Santos Recto soon. 


DIGIMAP Opens Newest Store at Gateway 2 Mall Araneta City

First time to actually know about this brand Digimap, but really feel how they've aggressively expanded operations in the Philippines. This store they've recently opened is near my hood at the Gateway 2 Mall in Araneta City. 

They are having several specials during store opening including a default 21K off in select MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch models. 2.5K off on select AirPods, 30K off on select Apple products if you use Unionbank Credit Cards at 0% interest, and free Soundcore Earbuds for the first 50 customers, and a 10% discount on partner accessory brands from June 26 to 30. They have their friendly Superstars at the store if you have questions about the devices too.

Currently they have Digimap Ayala, Digimap Robinsons Starmills in Pampanga, Digimap Parqal, Digimap Robinsons Jaro in Iloilo, Digimap Robinsons Gentri, Digimap New Mall Greenhills, Digimap Robinsons Lipa Batangas, Digimap North Tacloban, Digimap Robinsons Roxas and Digimap Robinsons Tagum. They also have Digiplanet Alabang Town Center,  Digiplanet Centrio, Digiplanet Capitol Bacolod and Digiplanet Estancia. 

This one in Gateway 2 is certainly a good addition since there are no other authorized distributors of Apple products nearby, it will service a lot of people who need new products and those who plan to make a switch!

Congratulations Digimap! This is the time to live, play and connect this side of town!


JOLLIBEE Taps BINI for Cheesy Yumburger

Jollibee got us at the Trinoma Activity Center as they transformed it into Cheesy Yumburger BESTFest to welcome the country's well loved girl group BINI. They are officially endorsers of the cheesiest, beefiest and best tasting Yumburger across the country... the Cheesy Yumburger. If that wasn't enough, they also represent the NEW Double Cheesy Yumburger.

I don't want to just write about it, so I'm sharing the video coverage we did that afternoon!

It was fun, the girls were extremely talented, and the whole place was quite crazy. Would you consume just one Cheesy Yumburger after all these? I don't think so! 

The girls even talked about how they were spending so many nights, right after China, Korea, they ordered right from the airport so when they get home, they just eat a whole burger and Chickenjoy because they miss it. It reminds them of home.

Congratulations ladies! You did good!


Jed Madela Set to do "WELCOME TO MY WORLD" Concert and Tour!

Whenever I hear the name Jed Madela, I think about a world champion, a technically blessed singer and a helpful soul. To this day, he continues to help singers that are just starting with their careers to point them to the right path.

He's been in the industry for around 2 decades, with accolades and recognition around his belt, he still continues to dream despite a very illustrious career. Aside from new music, he wants you to be with him this coming July 5 at the Music Museum, in a concert he calls "WELCOME TO MY WORLD".

In it, he wants to have an intimate crowd where he could tell more about what he has achieved in the past 20 years, of what he is doing now, and what he also plans to do in the future. He didn't quite want to spoil by naming his guests, he wants people to get the shock of their lives once some special people in his life walk by on stage all on his birthday concert.

He's got a lot of stories to also share with you, especially on how he started his singing journey. Here's our video coverage of his press conference which happened just a few days ago!

Make sure you get tickets to the show via Music Museum box office or Ticketworld. This is also a tour set to visit Sheraton Laguardia East Hotel in Flushing, New York on July 12, 2024, Sheraton Laguardia East Hotel, Ovation Hollywood on July 27, 2024, and back home at the Iloilo Convention Center on September 21, 2024. There might be some other dates to be announced soon when he goes to North America and visit select cities. You should definitely watch it, talent like this comes once in a blue moon!


PascualLab Takes Sponsored World Vision Kids to #PascualLove Journey!

It looks like the cool people from Pascual Laboratories Inc. are making their days count by partnering with World Vision and the children that they hold as scholars in different educational institutions across the country. Present during the tour and visit were David Riofero the Public Affairs Manager of World Vision Philippines, Pascual Lab's SVP and Cheif Manufacturing Officer Hignio Porte and their executives at the Pascual Lab Bulacan facility.

World Vision also awarded the Pascual Lab team with their Certificate of Appreciation for their efforts with World Vision and their communities. Volunteers (comprising also of Pascual Lab employees) explained the history and innovations that the company has achieved over the years. This happened last June 4, an activity that got both elementary and high school scholars to participate and learn about the company's rich history, in hopes they also learn from it.

The 4 year partnership had surely been able to produce graduates, improve the lives of several kids, teens, so they too would be able to help their family, and community. They also had programs in health and nutrition, education, values formation, religion, child protection, entrepreneurship, disaster preparedness and emergency response fields.

If you want to help just like Pascual Laboratories Inc., visit them at and become one with them in changing the lives of kids here and elsewhere in the world!


Holcim ad Gets Rock Treatment with PNE's Chito Miranda

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Folks from building solutions Holcim Philippines just got served a rock ad by one of the most revered pop icons Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar.

That's so smart since there's probably a lot of fans that are of the same age as people who adore him and the generational music he represents.

The corp has made him act as a sales officer, re-assuring customers that the construction materials they get from Holcim comes with innovation and is sourced sustainably. He also played the role of architect, contractor, and make watchers realize that you can get all the construction materials and solutions from Holcim, accompanied by rock music done just for fun!

They are the premier brand for construction projects, especially well loved Holcim cement which is quite popular around the country. This was also done in hopes of inspiring even more people to see how Holcim has helped a lot of people to build their homes, without breaking their construction budget.

This includes Excel ECOPlanet, a cement product that is environmentally safe. They also have Solido for low rise builds. The Optimo on the other hand is for high rise and the Wallright for the ones who needs Masonry Cement. For those who needs plasters, the one they call TectorPlast and TectorCeram would better fit your projects. All you need to do is just ask for it. Quality need not be sacrificed, with standards passed, Holcim definitely fits your next project!

Congratulations Chito! You're one good guy that has been trusted by so many brands, and now Holcim is with you too!


LEO ALMODAL Does Nature Inspired Show at OKADA

Leo Almodal is no stranger to couture gowns and suits. I've seen several pieces he's put out with some celebrities in events I've been... and covered. This time, it's his grand 65 piece collection that he's showcasing at Okada's Grand Ballroom. Sure enough, he didn't disappoint onlookers with jaw dropping gowns worn by some of Manila's most gorgeous models, beauty queens and celebrities.

If you didn't get to catch the show, as always, KUMAGCOW.COM has it covered. Please, enjoy!

Leo's fashion show was obviously nature inspired, with exquisite couture pieces right from the start. You'll see how he tries to outdo his first creation with another one, equally merging earth, sea and air elements with flowy, fluffy textile adorned with crystals and gems at front and back.

We were also surprised with the participation of the sultry and talented actress Sanya Lopez. Max Collins was also fitting to open the show, I didn't really recognize her until her second outfit because everything looked ethereal, they looked like goddesses walking on the runway.

Aside from them, Arci Munoz, Ara Mina, Herlene Budol, Drag Race PH Winner Captivating Katkat, beauty queens Jamie Herrell, Michelle Gomez, Gazini Ganados, Yllana Marie Aduana, Maureen Montagne, Emma Tiglao, Jennifer Lloyd, Tracy Maureen Perez, Ingrid Sta. Maria, Krishna Marie Gravidez and Ghene Latugat showcased more of the gowns in different parts of the show. Several noted models carried them all so well, we all drooled from start to finish.

 I do agree with the producer when she mentioned that Leo Almodal is a genius. This collection has shown how talented this Filipino designer is, and seeing that this will also be done in other countries (as we speak) will be fitting as he gives only the best in his designs. You should take note of the Blue Sea Slug like gown, the Gold one that opened the show and the Red Rose colored one before the end of the show. Those are standouts, and my personal favorites!

Congratulations on doing this heavenly show Leo! After seeing all these, I'd be honored to wear a suit from you! 


Merck Set to Release Fertility Count Scorecard at ASPIRE Congress

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Population has always been at an all time high in the Philippines, and what better place to launch this new initiative by Merck: a Fertility Count Scorecard. It's also the best time to happen because it was all laid out during the ASPIRE Congress.

The matter has affected everything socially and economically but this counts as something that would encourage policy makers to incentivize those who choose to pro create and build communities especially in emerging economies like ours.  

Albeit having a slight reduction in birth rates compared to the past decade, they attribute this dip to fertility preferences and the various programs in population control.

Merck has noted this (our country) as a key market compared to those that are in the Asia Pacific Region. We should realize that the key should be making it sustainable, one that would not inhibit growth and development. Our choices will greatly impact what we need as a society, because as much as we don't admit it, a lot of the developed countries are having problems in workforce and declining birth rates.  

For those who don't know, the ASPIRE congress is a place to exchange information especially for those who have a say in decisions that affect a population. This also includes how to provide healthcare and plans on having a manageable birth rate at the end of the day. They also plan to have discussions about it in the event especially for local attendees and regional ones. We are after all, family friendly, and creating a society would be enabling us to implement great policies, and not just lip service.

For Merck to release this Fertility Count Scorecard, it would be quite valuable in a global perspective especially for business leaders or those who plan ahead. The methodology is also a bit more scientific, backed by data, which hopefully would get implemented well. So if you want to know more, just check out the data they have at



Monday, June 24, 2024

Looks like the quest of finding love will be easy when you watch this new movie called THAT KIND OF LOVE. This stars well loved pairing Barbie Forteza and David Licauco, popularly known as #BarDa. 

They've been really followed quite intensely during GMA series "Maria Clara at Ibarra", but this is the first time that they are doing a movie, under neophyte Pocket Media Productions Inc. The material was crafted by Ellis Catrina who has made this specifically for them. This is directed by Catherine O. Camarillo, who's first film under the same outfit "Chances are, You and I" was well received by critics for its very compelling story.


"That Kind of Love" will be featured  in Japan as a spotlight entry under the Jinseo Arigato International Festival. This will be held in Nagoya, Japan. While the local screening will start on July 10th which is a few weeks from now. They will also be doing a premiere night on July 4th, so make sure you go and support them (especially if you are a BarDa fan). Know that parts of the movie has been shot in South Korea. Both Barbie and David enjoyed doing scenes in Seoul where much of the shoot happened.

Barbie says "There were so many risks done in making this movie. There is pressure, much so because people are just starting to go back to cinemas. But I am confident about our project, our film, because who doesn't want to feel good? to fall in love? This is what we want to offer, and our goal is for you to fall in love with David once you go out of the theater."

David adds "We are pressured, but I know how good the material is. This is also directed by Direk CC. As long as we do our part in promoting the film, I know this will do good in the box office. I can control the things that I can do, so we just have to promote and help the movie."

People have already seen the trailer, and had really good feedback. The Director mentioned how this is not the work of one person, but a lot of people who did their best to make this movie what it is now. It's a quality film, and Barbie wants people to patronize the movie based on its merits, and because it is done excellently. She also hopes that Filipinos start watching Filipino made films first before they venture on watching other films from different countries. Here are parts of the press conference where we asked questions for Barbie, David, Ms. Arlene Mulach, Divine Aucina, Ivan Carapiet and Jef Gaitan who were there that afternoon. .

As of today, word has it that the fan base of both Barbie and David are arranging block screenings in different theaters nationwide. They are also asking Sparkle management for a little lee way in their schedules so they could attend the screenings as they happen.

I felt how happy Ms. Arlene was when she told the story of how kilig she got when she saw Barbie and David portrayed Mila and Adam. Will this perfect guy fall in love with the dating guru? Who knows! Best to watch it in cinemas when it goes out on the 10th!


35 Strong Years of Celebrating EVERY WOMAN: Philippine WACOAL Corporation

Saturday, June 22, 2024

35 strong years of celebrating EVERY WOMAN, this is the journey of Philippine Wacoal Corporation.

Having been able to support and dress the Filipina intimately in the Philippines, this retail brand showcased their latest products through a fashion show in Okada's Grand Ballroom last June 20. Their executives including Philippine Wacoal Corporation President Ms. Ann Christine Palisoc, award winning celebrities Janice de Belen, Gelli de Belen, comedienne Candy Pangilinan, actress Natalie hart, Trina Candaza, Arlene Muhlach, legendary Eva Darren and several Sparkle stars during that evening. 

They also had Ms. Karen Davila as guest speaker, and recognized 4 icons Ms. Lorna Tolentino, Ms. Glenda Garcia , the gorgeous Ms. Glenda Dela Cruz and the heavenly Jamie Rivera. Power belter Ms. Sheryn Regis and a few acts also graced the show and performed for the audience including the fashion show depicting empowered women in 4 acts.

Here's the whole show on video, please enjoy!

They called it HER (for Ms. Glenda), HEALING (for Ms. Glenda Garcia), ARMOR (for Ms. Lorna Tolentino), and TRANSFORMATION (for Ms. Jamie Rivera). They named it after their personal experiences, the battles they've fought, and the things it represents.

They also made sure we felt how WACOAL has encompassed the matters of race, body type and the importance of how women should always exude confidence. This show didn't just celebrate their anniversary, but WOMEN. WACOAL also isn't stopping there, because they now have a huge sale in their stores, boutiques, and online via their website

Here's hoping for another year, more milestones and even more empowered women in the country!

PS. The fashion show and program was also organized by V-Works Events Management. They handled it quite well and did put up a great show. Congratulations on that!