No More POWER Worries with the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

It's been a while since I've held a bowling ball, but I think I still got the hang of it. This goes the same with the Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G, a brand that's pretty well known for their GT gaming line (and official MLBB handset). Needless to say, these folks take the phone game seriously because they address things you need and still be innovative. 

The Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G took only a few minutes to charge while we were playing. With its 100W Fast Charging (wired) and 20W Wireless Charging, you can use the phone for your professional or creative tasks even if you're in a jiffy. Best of all, it's not clunky and didn't have to sacrifice its "looks" because it's so sleek, professional looking and very pretty.

How fast you say? The Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G gets to 50 percent of power in just 8 minutes courtesy of its Hyper Mode. The device also has a low temp mode to make sure it stays cool even when it's too hot outside. If you prefer a balance between the two, Smart Mode is the answer so you don't have to sacrifice form or function.

This MagCharge accessory comes with the phone, so you can do Wireless Charging!

They also had us get acquainted with their new brand ambassador, someone feisty, tough, gorgeous and sexy from any angle. She is actress and YouTube star Ivana Alawi... who just like their phones, looks good and full of energy. 

These phones (4G) and the Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G will be launched today in online shopping platforms and their authorized kiosks (in malls and stores nationwide). If you want to know more about the phones, follow their official page and join their community on Facebook. Albeit my first time working with an Infinix phone, I really like this Infinix Note 40 series. It's classy, and won't make you worry about losing power when you are in the creative mood.


BUM Black Army: Signing Kim Perez and Sparking Change

Change is indeed inevitable, and we're seeing it happen with clothing brand BUM Black Army. 

Following their street laden aesthetic, they've managed to grow with the generation that wore it all. Today, they've gone the route of doing clean lines, more urban, and army inspired designs. It's a pretty significant deviation from the looks they served in previous years... and we loved what we saw! 

A pop up runway show happened during their recent event at Sine Pop, St. Mary Street in Quezon City. This is also the occasion where they bared news of their newest brand endorser KIM PEREZ. He's a good looking host, model and actor. A Sparkle artist known for his roles in MPK, Regal Studios, hit series Hearts on Ice and Black Rider.



Their new collection just felt right. They call it BUM Black Army Coords. From the forest to the desert, or simply the outdoors... you're bound to enjoy a more comfortable line of clothes with the apt colors for the season. The city streets will be so cool with Earth tones, different greens and even charcoal on what you're wearing. Those pullovers, jackets with hoodies, shorts with pockets, won't go unnoticed especially if you try to mix and match them with another. The loose fit, would make you stay quite comfortable no matter where you are. You can stay versatile with each piece, no need for nerfing what you already posess, the confidence and look when you have BUM Black Army on your body. They even have accessories to go with it.

It's time you get tough, clean and be obesessed with #BUMBlackArmyCoords because at the end of the day, you deserve it!

Here's the show on video, enjoy!


Meet KIM PEREZ, the newest BUM Black Army Endorser

Kim was quite nice to talk to. He knew about BUM prior to becoming an endorser of the clothing brand and told us about how he's been using it in shoots, at home or even on occasions. He also likes the prints, the colors, and how it fits with his existing wardrobe. We asked him about what he also feels now that he's part of the illustrious celebrities who have endorsed BUM Black Army.

The trust given to him is humongous, and by the looks of it... it fits him and his personality. I like the various BUM Black Army camouflage prints they showcased during the show, and if it's out in stores, I'm going to be part of the reason why you'll run out of it. Watch out for the materials they're coming out with especially in stores, and mall tours they're planning to do in Visayas and Mindanao.

This is just the start, and if this is the change we're seeing... I'm glad it happened!

If you want to know more about the brand, go follow them on their official social channels. They will also be coming out with the collection in shopping platforms, and TikTok so you just wait!


DARK ROAST COFFEE HOUSE Opens Inaugural Branch in Maginhawa QC

There's always a reason to go to a coffee shop in Quezon City, and there's a new one that opened in Maginhawa Street. It's called DARK ROAST COFFEE HOUSE and we got first dibs on what they're offering.

This coffee shop is a passion project amongst friends. All of them were into into diving initially, but their bond was forged by their love for the dark roasted brew. Knowing their tastes, they want it different but couldn't get what they want from big coffee shops they frequent to. They want strong bold flavors, but less acidic. Hence, the dark roasted coffee beans. This is where they got their name from.

We got there during their soft opening (still is so you can already go there). The place is pretty homey. It's got bits of wood and metal, signifying a more industrial interior. They also have a loft where they have a couch, and two tables which I love. It's a perfect spot for people watching and a little privacy (for you).

Jianne, one of the owners shares "This is the first branch, but by the end of this year we want to open up a second one. Our near future plans include partnering up with resorts, or function as a commissary. We studied foot traffic in different places and Maginhawa was just something we loved. We're just lucky coffee shops here have lower rent, reasonable prices (which makes their products affordable) and we felt the universe was just telling us to do it here."

Meet Eli, Krista, Jianne and John, owners of DARK ROAST COFFEE HOUSE

Jianne adds "Dark Roast Coffee House is built on passion and love. We want to serve coffee without compromising quality. We are on soft opening today but will have our grand opening on the 13th. We hope you could visit us and have Dark Roast Coffee."

Spanish Latte and Strawberry Latte

They have a few items on their menu, but their top recommendations include Salted Caramel and Spanish Latte. They also have Creme Brulee which the owners stand by. For non coffee drinks, they have Matcha Latte and Strawberry Latte. 

They have pastries, breads, cakes, crinkles, cupcakes and others. They also have sandwiches, customized cakes (but ask). 

Krista who's in charge of the baked goodies told us "Red Velvet Cupcakes were already served in coffee shops, a lot of people love it. We want to do a variety, so we simply brought it back and made it part of the food served at Dark Roast. We also have breads, Beef and Cheese Turnover, Korean Cream Cheese Buns, Almond Croissant (topped), but made sure we toned down on sugar, and have a balance of savory and sweet products. We converted part of our house into a commissary, so we hope you get to try them all when you visit Dark Roast Coffee House in Maginhawa."

Here's a short tour! 

Dark roasted coffee gives a deep and more robust flavor profile. It's got a bold, smoky notes. They also source their coffee locally from Baguio which was quite nice to know. If you're looking for a coffee fix while you're in this side of Quezon City, just head on the Ground Floor of TKC Building at 107 Maginhawa Street at Teachers Village in Quezon City (or simply search Dark Roast Coffee House on Google Maps).

It's this building here! Just walk inside a bit and you'll see it! (see red arrow)

Make sure you try the Peach Fizz on a hot day and my personal favorite, the Beef Turnover. Just have it toasted and it's a done deal! 

See you there!


GARY VALENCIANO Willl Be Doing It "One Last Time"

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

I couldn't believe I'm seeing this, because as far as I'm concerned, he's still the best in his craft, the one and only Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.

This weekend, he will be doing it for ONE LAST TIME. This is officially his 40th Anniversary in showbusiness, happening April 26 and 27 at the MOA Arena at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds in Pasay City.

This will be epic, as he has built a huge lineup of stars with the help of Star Magic. In the MOA Arena, he's going to perform with Bullet Dumas, his son Gab Valenciano, and daughter Kiana. LDSC's Gio and Liana Martinez (his nephew and niece) will be flying to the Philippines to make sure they get to dance with him tin both dates. PPOP guys BGYO, Ebe Dancel, Gloc-9, the original Manoeuvres and new gen, The A Team, over 40 more dancers and 30 theater actors will also be there to make sure, it's going to be a GRAND one!

Because this is going to be his last, friend and Concert King Martin Nievera will be re-living their rivalry from the 80's, perhaps a proper way to end things. Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla will be there on the second day, so there's going to be a lot to look forward to on both dates.

This concert is made even more special as proceeds will be given to Shining Light Foundation, a Christian organization which is dedicated to communities (indigents) and individuals with their needs (spiritual or financial).

Go get tickets as they're going, going, gone soon! For more information, check Gary Valenciano's social channels as they will be posting updates as they happen!



Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Just left TV5 Novaliches studios this afternoon after meeting with Direk Percy Intalan and the cast of Comedy/Gag-Gameshow "Barangay Singko Panalo" which is currently in their first month on the Kapatid Network. Currently, it is being hosted by Jerald Napoles and Kayla Rivera (who plays Kags Je and SK K), and since it's a Barangay setup, Direk Percy told us how this all will evolve with new and fun characters. They announced this afternoon the addition of Joross Gamboa and Sam Coloso.

Joross has already been in several shows and hit movies, his comedic timing would certainly fit in what they wanted to do with this show. He plays Kagawad Jo, a guy who just came back from a seminar from Baguio. Kag Je and J will surely bring more funny antics in between games and skits in the show. Sam Coloso on the other hand is like an Energizer bunny, she's super hyper and fun which would be so good for the contestants of the show. She's going to make sure that every single person on set will get the same endorphins she produces to get encouraged in the challenges they whip out everyday on the show. 

Jerald says "We have new things to share with you today. This is also a sitcom so you get to know the cast as it goes. A bigger cast means bigger collaborations, there will be more ideas. Actually, we don't really talk to each other (he kids), we easily pickup things, it's like we're not working on set. Expect our banter with contestants to become even more interesting. This is a fun experience, we don't try to make things technical, and I hope people feel that in the show. Filipinos are looking for that format."

Kayla adds "I'm excited to share with you that we are growing even more in the show. There will be a few people joining us in the Barangay and I hope you are as excited as I am in welcoming them in Barangay Singko Panalo. In a Barangay there are so many members and so far, in our taped episodes the energy is over the top and I'm so happy our family is getting bigger."

Here's the video we shot during the press conference!

Joross was quite happy and said "There's a transition happening in my life, starting in this show, I'll be a politician. I'll give you envelopes later but it doesn't have anything on it, so just put something there.. God Bless! (He kids). You will not see a game repeated, you will also hear stories from contestants, and even if it's like playing games in streets, it's going to be fun!"

To add to the fun, they also introduced Bob Jibailey who plays the Vulcanizing Shop owner who plays Boogie. He's a pretty cool guy. There's also a former writer who initially was just working behind the camera but they encouraged him to join the cast. He now plays the role of Kap AL, his last name is Moranas, so go figure! He was so thankful for the production as he becomes a part of the show.

It's quite fun to know that they will be doong different games everyday (runs from Monday to Friday). Contestants are auditioned, from the public, and they stand to win over 100 thousand pesos in the Jackpot round. The things they do are quite easy, physical, and can be done in Filipino parties of every kind. This is directed by Rich Illustre and they make sure every episode is something you should look out for. This will be shown every weekday at 5:30pn before Frontline Pilipinas. This is also part of TodoMax Primetime Singko. Make sure you follow their social channels for more updates, they want to make sure the TV audience would go back watching TV again which I think is noble. 

Wouldn't you want to join the fun at Barangay Singko Panalo?!



Seeing people flock the SM Mega Fashion Hall this afternoon reminded me how big of a star Win Metawin and Janella Salvador is. The superstar from Thailand and the noted actress from the Philippines star in this film called "Under Parallel Skies" shot in Hong Kong. This is produced by 28 Squared Studios and Two Infinity Entertainment, set to be released by Warner Brothers Pictures this April 17th (Philippines) and on May 9th (for Thailand).

Surely, this must have been a bit difficult to do but with Director Sigrid Bernardo at the helm of this project, it would be easy since she's done several award winning and successful films shot outside the country (like Kita Kita etc.). SM Fashion Hall got packed during the mall show with fans of both Janella and Win screaming at the top of their lungs even before the actual stars arrived at the venue. When they did, it was so loud you could hear it on our videos literally.

Then on the red carpet (since this is the premiere night) , celebrity friends of the Director Sigrid Bernardo, Producer Richard Juan, Janella and Win, all came to the venue to help promote the movie. My favorite part of course was when Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada joined in to give a song a capella. It was so nice they came in throngs to support the two.

When we watched the film, it was more of a romance genre. I bet Win's fans would be surprised about certain scenes they wouldn't believe he could do. I also love his Mom in the movie, they do have certain parts with monologues you can learn a thing or two from. Janella on the other hand feels natural, I love her very quirky scenes because they did insert Filipino humor which was quite cute. Yes there are small flaws, but overall they were able to tell a really good story that encompasses locations. You also get to know an even slower side of Hong Kong which I think is charming, especially when Janella and Win were together, building their dreams with Thai Milk Tea and Adobong Siopao. 

So, if you're a fan of either Win or Janella, bring your friends and prepare for a KILIG filled movie which you can watch over and over again.

Congratulations to the men and women who made this possible, although I'm a BrightWin fan, it was refreshing to see these actors tell a story and see something really unexpected. I love it, it's cute!

Thanks to the Hong Kong Tourism Board for inviting us!

INA RAYMUNDO and WILL ASHLEY Does May December Affair Film "X and Y"

Sunday, April 14, 2024

When I heard about this film and the lead stars, I was so eager to cover it. It's called "X and Y" starring my generations "SABADO NIGHTS" icon, Ina Raymundo and the Prima Donnas teen heartthrob Will Ashley.

The film is about a May-December affair, which looking at them physically might have been a long shot but Director Adolf Alix Jr. told us that the characters of Xander and Ysha have their "maturity as individuals" to define that. This is produced by G Channel PH who's quite known for creating content for entertainment especially during the pandemic. This foray to romance and movies was something they wanted to do since the material was masterfully crafted and executed by Direk, their creatives and prolific movie and TV writer Gina Marissa Tagasa (who was also there during the presser).    

Will admits he didn't know who Ina Raymundo was and had fears about approaching her on set. This is officially his first film as a leading man, and was quite nervous about it. Ms. Ina on the other hand was also a bit clueless who Will was because she's been on hiatus for about 8 years prior to this project. She says "I'll be honest because I admit, I'm not quite updated with young stars since I haven't been doing projects for a while now. But I was given enough information by our director where I could stalk Will a bit especially in his Instagram account. I found out how popular he is on TikTok. I also wanted to work with Direk Adolf Alix whom I've worked on TV in the past... which is why I immediately said YES to this film. Will is SO YOUNG! I remember when I met him on the first shooting day, he was 20 at that time. In a sense, he's younger than my first born. My worry really was if I'd do scenes with him, it would look like it's forced because I'd look like his Mom in the movie. He's officially the youngest guy paired with me. I had apprehensions, but I've seen our photos together and I think it did work." 

Will said "That's exactly how I felt when I met you. I asked my Mom about who she was, and her thoughts if our pairing would work. I slowly got the hang of it when I saw the photos we shot, I realized how it would look like on screen and felt good afterwards."

Here's the press conference on video, please enjoy!

The film also stars Elizabeth Oropesa, Bembol Roco, Divine Tetay, Bugoy Carino, Kirst Viray, Ron Angeles, Thor Gomez, Jake Rosales, Glenda Garcia, Rico Barrera and Marnie Lapus.

Make sure you watch it on April 17 as the movie not only talks about romance, ageism, but finding one's dreams, realities. The cast also warned us to bring tissues because it'll be a cry fest in some scenes. This is definitely interesting, and people would relate to their characters as it also discusses the limits of morality and love. 

Who are we to judge?



Friday, April 12, 2024

MARIAN RIVERA and DINGDONG DANTES is now part of the DITO Telecommunity

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes recently just got the record of the the highest grossing film in the country with REWIND during MMFF 2023. With tons of endorsements at their belt, they now have a huge telecommunications company believing in them to send a message as they now are part of the DITO Telecommunity.

This coincides with their recent win at the Asian Telecom Awards 2024 for two categories namely Digital Initiative of the Year and Mobile App of the Year. Aside from that, Ookla just awarded them as the #1 Mobile Network in the country. The award was accepted during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain by DITO CEO and President Eric Alberto and Chief Revenue Officer Evelyn Jimenez. Ookla CEO Stephen Bye was there to hand it over. 

It's so fun to see Marian and Dingdong join DITO at a very opportune time as they are also launching their Postpaid offers and Home plans for the benefit of Filipinos. Cheaper, more efficient connections will now be available through DITO. The Postpaid plans are also available in SIM only offers or with a handset, so if you are looking for a new phone, go get one from DITO now!

Gorgeous Ashley Ortega was also there! My YT Shorts record holder at 4.1 Million views.

DITO Telecommunity Executives at the event

Dingdong says "Marian and I are so excited today! We're very thankful to note that we are now part of the DITO Telecommunity. Thank you so much for the trust. We are grateful to be associated with brands that bring value for the Filipino people. We know how they prioritize customers, and always make connections more affordable. They empower communities. We are happy and proud to be part of this family!"

Marian adds "We are so blessed. I told Dad that in my heart, it's going to be him and DITO from hereon. It's so heartwarming to know how they prioritize Filipinos and act on what people need. They are very dependable. They know our rights to have internet connection, to be content and have DITO in our hearts #DITOsaPusoMo."

Now go enjoy their new commercial which will be coming out on TV, Print and Radio. Congratulations to #DongYan because your love is so infectious! Congratulations too on being part of the DITO community!