PROJECT T Opens Second Serviced Co-Working Spot at BGC

Friday, December 28, 2018

A blogger like me needs fast internet connection, a cozy place with no distractions, a space where I could work and concentrate so I could whip out good articles for my own website. Aside from my home, you would often see me in coffee shops, internet cafes and when I really need to do deadlines, I go to shared spaces and offices because practically, everything I need is all there.

Project T International IT and Business Solutions just opened their second location at BGC. They offer serviced offices, co working spaces which would be perfect for startups who rely heavily on IT infrastructure, fast rampups in manpower (HR) and even other office functions (accounting etc.). Located at Twenty Five Seven McKinley in Bonifacio Global City, they now have a 500 seat capacity, amenities like a gym, fitness studios so workers have a place to keep healthy.

They have plans to also put up additional machines, sports equipment, planned fitness activities year round to keep with the goal. Clients can also enjoy naps in modern sleeping quarters, shower areas and convertible movie rooms too so they can get their kids occupied while parents get busy at work. Their IT Director Kevin Cabrera also assures 24/7 technicians on standby so they have uninterrupted internet connection, security via biometrics applied in each room. A factor that would be important in any business operation.

Here, clients can pick their space and do away with their Built to Suit program choosing specifications on their list, design their space and negotiate their terms even on installment. They've already had several clients who have success stories growing their manpower double, because their flexible terms and relationship with them have always been good.

If you want to know more about them, you may visit their official site It's all there!

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A Travel and Food Journey: SYLVIAHERA

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A few days ago we struck news about a new Travel and cooking Vlogger in town. She’s not a millennial, she’s not a full blown chef, she’s not the ordinary person you would imagine doing this but she is. She’s the dame of drama, an actress noted for her several shows depicting motherhood, love and care. She is no other than Ms. Sylvia Sanchez. She’s giving us a fitting Christmas gift as she takes us to her hometown in Mindanao, and shares how she celebrates fun times with her family.

Her equally talented sons and daughters Arjo, Ria, Gela and Xavi will also be there as she teaches them the simple life, the ropes on how she lived in the province back then including fishing, diving, in a setting of a relaxed town, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, as real as it gets.

Dante Nico Garcia who directed Ploning in 2008 says he was with her during Esperanza days. They thought of making Ms Sylvia an online show. He says “This one is about cooking, but exactly apt for her age. When I was in Palawan I used to train kids and produce short films, took projects and finish them in 2015. In my hometown, it is not worth to watch movies but I wanted to make it something that would make them interested in film making, I had international organizations help me. We shot in November and launch it this December 25 at 5PM. We shot the first episode from November 30 - December 4. This is a product of my Palawan protege program in Casa Nieves all of which feature Random Videos and Positive Values, to later on hopefully become an app. We are an online alternative for MMFF, we are putting out one episode per month. This one is called Sylviahera, a 20 minute docu which will have sub programs of a day in a life of a mother who hailed from Agusan. Different recipes, an evolution, not to teach but mostly to share how she feels about a good culinary adventure. This is much like tracing her roots, to teach the younger generation things that are not complicated. Go to places even in a cramped area, to cook in other countries and how to simplify recipes. We are still editing these, so we will not have sleep before our premier in Christmas eve. I hope they get to feel that it was attacked differently, to attract younger generations to watch it. More or less we are editing it with everything we’ve got. We are preparing the show for Christmas. We want to do it on the web, I imagine OFW’s watching it because we’ve got tons of them who also live in the countryside, to do it on the Internet gives them more freedom to watch it.”

Ms Sylvia adds “This is what we shot in my hometown, I spent my childhood there. I even drowned in that same area. SYLVIAHERA will be a cooking and travel show which will tell you how we get seaweeds, sea urchins, if we do not have much food.”

“I learned to learn more, I took my time to do that during the time I had a long hiatus from showbiz. Cooking was like my outlet, I had to do a culinary course fast because I had work after a few months. I realized it was a school setup and I didn’t like that treatment, it took me a year to do it, I had to also work in between but I really learned a lot. I had to do OJT in Switzerland but didn’t go through it anymore. My husband made me choose and I knew I made the right decision.”

“Now my house is where my friends go, the thing we can give our sons and daughters are the experience, how I grew up poor even if they are doing good nowadays. I want them to experience that.It is one of the priceless things my Mom gave me, her heart. It is why I always feed people, my Mom gave even our last fish for hungry folks and you will also see her in the upcoming episodes. I will be also starting a new series in January and I am also excited for that. For now, I want to do my passion but I want to learn - and for people to also learn from my simple life. I hope people would get to watch Sylviahera!”

Here’s a little teaser from the show:

Make sure you subscribe with the Casa Nieves TV channel on Youtube and their Facebook page. They will be coming out with the main episode there plus a more detailed cooking episode a few days after. I love their content as I have seen a glimpse of it, it’s real and raw. They don’t even have makeup on. If you love it too, make sure you share it with your friends and loved ones, it is that good.

The first episode comes out 5PM today so make sure you watch it! Congratulations Ms. Sylvia!

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#ShopPaMore with PayMaya This Holiday Season

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Have you been shopping online lately? Or have you been buying stuff over the counter and think you’re not saving enough? Well probably, you haven’t heard or used Paymaya yet. I did yesterday.

I used the scan QR code function on my Paymaya App to purchase food and medicine over at Mercury Drug. It’s one of the establishments that carry the green Paymaya QR code so I didn’t need to bring a credit card or cash to actually purchase stuff. It’s even quicker to transact with because all you need to do is scan, input the amount and press PAY. You’ll get confirmation texts, the same transaction records on your app and finish everything in a few seconds.

Aside from that, you can get as much as 100% cash back on your purchases through PayMayaQR codes with their partner merchants listed here

True enough I saw my Mercury Drug branch nearby and bought medicine and groceries. Because I was a good boy this year, Santa PayMaya gave me cash back the same evening and it was pretty much automatic. Now think of this setting in The SM Store or Robinsons Department Store if you’re doing Christmas rush shopping, you not only get savings from mall sales and comfort of paying easily through the app, they literally are giving you money back just by using it. Isn’t that one more reason to celebrate?

This is also random per transaction. For spending at least Php 100 using the PayMaya QR feature you can get 1%, 10%, or 100% of the total amount you purchased. All up to Php 1,500 per account holder for the entire promo period, no joke! If you use your PayMaya physical or virtual card to purchase at least Php 200, you can get 30% cash back (maximum of Php 300) on top of whatever discount you are getting on any online store until December 31. It will be credited to you 14 days after the promo period so don’t get shocked if you get more money in January!

If that ain’t enough, you’ll also get the chance to win Php 10,000 every day this December or Php 10 Million in the PayMaya Pa More Raffle Promo. Go get yourself one by downloading the app or upgrading yours with a card. I use both and it is so convenient than others. Try it and you’ll get hooked, I know I did!

Get money back and perks only from PayMaya!

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The Hard Case of Alzheimers Tonight at MMK

Saturday, December 22, 2018

I was fortunate to see Ms. Sylvia Sanchez over the weekend and got to talk to her personally. She’s one of the country’s best dramatic actress and it is evident in her past projects, notable series which we have seen over the years. Of course, her caliber is unquestionable. I have watched her son and daughter’s MMK episode last week and I must say, it is in the genes. This evening, it will be her turn, an emotional episode discussing Alzheimers disease, of dimentia and the effects of it in the family.

Aside from the queen of realistic dramas, she will also be with high caliber actor Nonie Buencamino, and the legendary actress Ms. Boots Anson Roa. Nothing much was discussed in the trailer being shown these past few days, but I bet it will be very heavy. This has family conflict, after years of not being with her family, she goes back with an ailing mother who suddenly could not remember her, or anybody for that matter. How would she be able to make amends with the issues they had in the past? How would she be able to go and get back the lost years and fix the broken relationships? How would she be able to get her to understand her feelings, or communicate if they don’t see eye to eye? When you want to make a connection but lost her in the end, not knowing if you would still find her, how would things end?

Watch the show at 8:30PM today and see the story of the Panganiban family and their struggles to live with someone who has Alzheimers. Will they find her and bring her back home?

I hope so too. This is under the direction of Nuel Naval and written by Benson Logronio and Arah Badayos.

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AURORA Gives Fright on Cinemas MMFF 2018

Thursday, December 20, 2018

I arrived a bit late on the red carpet because of holiday traffic but I am watching the AURORA premiere as this is part of the MMFF. I wanted to watch all of them but let’s just see what we can. 
I got to catch a few stars because the movie was already starting, so I only got to photograph Viva’s Yassi Pressman, the Director Yam Laranas, stars Marco Gumabao and Anne Curtis.

The film is set on an island with clear skies, crystal waters. It is certainly provincial, albeit color graded coldly with hues of blues and gray, you could tell how rural the place is as it’s shot in Batanes. The underwater scenes are give and take, some nice, some staged prolly for safety reasons, but it was convincing on some instances, some not especially on the drone cuts. The horror factor though, there are a lot of scenes for that. They took time to build up, but the injects of shock was effective. I bet this thing would get an award for musical score as they took time making that accompany the scenes, aside from the water it was a little claustrophobic. They detailed the accident that happened in this movie so you should listen to the story of Marco Gumabao’s brother in the film. They will also get you to feel how it is inside the ship, not to spoil things but the scary stuff probably is just the best part about this story.

Is it going to be worth your money? Yes, I think so. If you’re a fan of scary films this is probably what you should watch first this MMFF. Although there might be constraints in the budget for this film, it looks they spent good money on people for this film which made seeing the victims part legitimate, I also like the part where they were in a tight spot with waters rushing in on the ship. How did it end? It’s for you to find out on theaters this December 25.

This is produced by Viva Films and Aliud Entertainment. Go frighten yourself, your whole family if you want to.

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SHOPWISE Does Holiday Deliveries Through Honestbee

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

I know you’re all busy, events left and right, office work about to wrap up, reunions, meetings and family time must be the cause. Although I too am excited for this because this news is worthy to share. If you’ve been struggling to juggle your schedules, I have the best solution for you. It’s called HONESTBEE, an app you can download on Google Play and the App Store today.

I fondly remember all my trips to Shopwise because my Mom and Dad usually wait for me there while having their favorite Mongolian Bowls inside the store, it’s their favorite spot and I knew they were going to have a great time grocery shopping there because they’ve got a lot of exclusive brands, the necessities and more. It’s a little sad because we couldn’t go there anymore because we had to entertain relatives coming from overseas and the traffic is really bad. Honestbee came into my life a little over a month and a half ago. Honestly, was skeptic because I knew there was delivery and concierge chargers on top of what you buy from them, but come to think about it, I spend almost the same if not even higher for Grab or Parking Fees plus severe back pains when lifting heavy groceries. I always worry about that because I couldn’t let my Mom lift things and I’m the only strong one who could do that in my home these days, so imagine my surprise when they even waived off my delivery fees because I usually shop a lot in Shopwise.

According to Ms. Crystal Gonzalez the Managing Director of honestbee Philippines “We want to deliver to our promise of more choices for our customers when it comes to online grocery shopping. We know how important it is for people who are looking for more affordable options. This is why we now have Shopwise on our App.”

Ms. Anna Barrozo the Marketing Director of Shopwise says “We try to find solutions to provide our customers the most convenient ways to shop. Our partnership with honestbee allows us to give them access to affordable and quality goods.”

Shopwise also has imported products so you get a taste of brands such as Papa Alfredo, Sunharvest, SnapMax, Southdale Farm, French Cellar wines, Wine Makers Reserve and Red Peak of which some are exclusive only in Shopwise. 

Now I don’t have to run around like a headless chicken when scouring for ingredients of my holiday menu. I can order in advanced and schedule the delivery on the app without the need to spend for hundreds of pesos for transportation, or the effort to squeeze through the hell we call Manila traffic. 

Thanks Honestbee! I should have trusted you a long time ago!

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ANGKAS Spearheads Unity Ride in Manila

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Woke up to news that throngs of Angkas riders had a unity ride in Manila this morning so we headed to their press conference in White Plains in Quezon City. It’s a Sunday, pretty early, but I have noticed these guys who were speaking were all passionate, some angry, some are sad, definitely, they have some reasons to be like that now that there is a TRO pointed at their operations to cease and got all their riders, the riding public annoyed because among all the days they chose the busiest one in the year to do it.

Romeo Maglunsod the Chairman of Solid Manila Riders says “We earn and eat our daily meals through work provided for by this ride app and it is the government that is stopping or becoming a hindrance rather than help us. I hope it won’t be until the time where we have to explain to our kids that they will not eat today, I don’t know how to explain this to our kids and I hope you see how we both have benefited from this especially the professional riders.”

Jobert Bolano of MRO “We have been here since the rise of popularity of motorcycles. We have been in contact with riders that service far flung areas that this has been beneficial with, motor taxis are using technological advancements and safety is prioritized. To help mobilize people, motor taxis are screened, documentation, exams, skills assessments, even higher than usual international standards. On top of that, even seminars are being given and not just asking random strangers like what Habal habals do that are not regulated at all by government agencies. We have asked the government, we are not against the system but the system is against us. We have asked the congress already to act upon this model so we an answer to their call of moving people safer in our vehicles. Erring riders are rated and reported by the actual customers, higher level of progress but it always have been overlooked.”

Rod Cruz of Arangkada says “If you are an ordinary rider and you ride Habals who do not have formal training, who did you wrong, and is out of the app entirely, how can you be sure of your safety? How can you be sure of that person? Why does the government close their eyes on illegal habals and not allow safer ones out on the streets? Any form of ride can have accidents, we have been called criminals, yet we only wanted to help ease traffic in Manila.”

Ryan Rillera the President of Taguig Spartans says “What will we do with our customers who only want to get home early? What do we do with riders affected by this all? I have been working here for 2 years, to help people, especially those in a hurry, what will we do with them? We do not want illegal drivers out there to drive them home instead. We do not want them to met an accident and not be liable for anything, we are willing to be regulated, we are willing to undergo whatever the government asks us to do.”

George Royeca the Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs of Angkas days “This is the largest community ride in the country showing how safe, affordable, reliable riding a motorcycle is. We need education and we are not here to be a hindrance to anyone, we are just fighting for the rights of motorcycle riders. We will comply with the government, we will respect them, but I hope they would be sensitive to the call of these people, these families, to support an industry that has helped them, become their livelihood even if the government chooses not to. Yes there are laws that need to be passed, we are lucky to have several of them supporting our cause, we need Senators and Congressmen to have certain provisions or laws passed to the motor taxi would be back in operations and we will appeal to the Supreme Court and hope they will listen to our call. Right now we are continuously training motorcycle riders and we want to further train the whole country of riders even if they are not part of our system. That is our promise to the government and we hope together with agencies, we will have a solution to better help our riders, their families and the riding public. We hope people stop criminalizing motorcycle riding and help us support our riders.”

David Medrana Head of Operations for Angkas adds “Our current projects like the Angkas Buhay will still be implemented soon but we will prioritize what we need to do now since we have to help our riders for that cause. We are really proud of that project too.”

I guess there are still a lot of hurdles in order to make these all legal. Though I don’t ride Angkas because my head is too big for their helmets (big brain eh!), those who do benefit from this need their voices to be heard as well. We hope they become regulated, professionalized and be something of help to ease traffic in Manila, I hope you noticed it bas been hell already especially during the holidays and the brightest thing the government does is remove this transport alternative.

That bothers me. I am hopeful though they have a solution to that because if this is already helping a lot of people, they need to do their homework.

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Hard Fought Battles Seen at Predator League 2019

Saturday, December 15, 2018

The most popular game in the country deserves the most powerful hardware too. Gaming tycoon brand Predator just recently held their Predator League 2019 DOTA II Tournament at the fastest cafe in Manila, Highgrounds in Scout Rallos in Quezon City. The goal is to hold the FINALS GAME and find out the best of the best players in the country.

The semi finals has been held in different areas and now Predator will get teams Alpha Gaming from Visayas, Neon ESports from Metro Manila, TaskUS Titans from Central Luzon and NCGC ESports team from Mindanao to fight in order to get DOTA Supremacy in the hopes to win the huge prize of Php 120,000.

Game settings will be a tournament 5 vs 5 single eliminations in a best of 3 match. They will also be doing Captain’s Mode and connected in the Singapore server location, same gameplay rules as with the tournament version, spectator mode is enabled, sides will be picked by a coin toss. The goal is to destroy the other team’s main building. Easy as that.

Neon ESports

TaskUs Titans

This is Predator’s way of reinforcing the brand presence in the gaming industry. The Predator League is a yearly event held by Acer and is the go to brand for laptops, desktops, monitor, projector that is made to level up the gamer experience with their state of the art products sold across the region, and around the world.

It looks like Team Neon ESports is winning the Finals as they have 30-9 lead as we speak. I think they will also be representing the Philippines in the regional finals in Thailand early next year. Good job on making sure to cripple their economy first before heading on and getting them all defeated. It was a nice game! Congratulations!

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KathNiel Signs with Shawarma Shack

Shawarma Shack and KathNiel with owners Walther Buenavista and Patty Collantes

Shawarma Shack, one of the country’s hippest brand of shawarma snack counters just made KathNiel fans happy again as their idols got signed with them this year.

For those who don’t know, they started with a small shawarma food cart in Divisoria night market who offered the only one with a buy one take one concept which was a hit amongst ordinary Filipinos who wanted quality and value for money products thought about by their President and CEO Walther Uzi Buenavista and their VP Patricia. Their version is Filipino Mediterranean and in just a few years, they now have over 300 stores nationwide who offer this particular concept forever!

They also offer three kinds of sauces, get the more spicy one (a personal favorite).

Ms. Patty says “Since we had Daniel and Kathryn with us, our franchisees have tripled this year and we plan to do even better this 2019 as we are planning major expansions nationwide. We owe this fast growth with KathNiel as our partners.”
Daniel adds “This is the most affordable one and we are so happy to endorse the only buy one take one shawarma brand that is for and by Filipinos.”

To note, their sales have doubled and their franchisees have tripled and the general manager says people have seen the potential in this business. They promise that they will not compromise their quality even though their business model needs the buy one take one concept continued and hopefully available all the time. Once you sign a contract they can set it up in two weeks or less than a month. Price wise they are going to be the choice of the ordinary pinoys. They assure you that they will be clean, safe, and good.

Right now, they have diversified their products and offer Shawarma Wraps, Shawarma Rice, Kebab, Chicken Tikka and Keema. This won’t make the Filipinos tired about their products and they hope people would continue to line up their stores around the country.

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Macoy Mendoza and Kiel Alo for "It Takes Two To Tango"

Friday, December 14, 2018

We headed to Teatrino Promenade and watched the concert of Macoy Mendoza and Kiel Alo, two young men who holds a lot of promise, who wants to share their gift to everyone. Honestly, I only heard about them today and yes, I am also hearing them sing for the first time. I was not expecting much, so I sat at the back and looked forward to hear from these two talented boys.

Macoy Mendoza and Kiel Alo went up on stage and got their  feet wet. Macoy says "I would like to thank everyone who made this possible, I know there were tons of hindrances and we had to be here despite the weather and huge traffic. I am thankful to have a venue to showcase our talent. We are also here to have fun, I hope we get to enjoy this evening of music."

Macoy is much of a fan of slow, melancholic music. Albeit kidding around in between songs, he kills those OPM soundtracks for lunch and snacks. Not flawless, but it takes a hint of raspiness, not common to people of his age. 

In the second segment, Kiel Alo went a little sentimental in front of his Mom whom he refers to as his first FOREVER. I must say, he's a good crooner and he showed this with his covers of classics. He says "I have performed here quite a number of times, even slept and took showers in this place (he kids) but for me, the real measure of a beauty of a song is all in its lyrics."

In the show they were joined by the Teleserye songs queen Faith Cuneta, she showed us a thing or two about how it's done via song covers of Natalie Cole and a duet with Macoy later on in the show. 

They were also supported by the one and only sentimental Jukebox Queen Imelda Papin who dished out several of her hit songs like "Isang Linggong Pagibig" (One Week Romance). She isn't even having a hard time hitting the notes. So beautiful. She says "I am just happy to be here to be one of the guest performers of Macoy, and Kiel, we all have to help new generation of singers so they can more stories, through immortalized songs." She also sang an unrehearsed number, which we all loved! She will have a concert on February 24 at the Araneta Coliseum to mark her 45th year in the business. She also teamed up with the queen, to sing Sometimes When We Touch, unbelievable.

Kiel also sang in between as he vows never to love again. 

Orville the PGT diva also performed 3 of her hit skits, made us laugh towards the end of the concert.

They ended the concert with a promise to never feel and grow old.

Now this might be just a start, but as I said they do hold a lot of promise especially Kiel. Macoy was much of a poster boy, matinee idol type, with range that may or not change with puberty... so I guess they're both going to have bright futures ahead of them. You're going places, and you've got people especially your family behind you. That alone marks success, you both are working hard. It may take some time, but in a few years you'll find your own star, your own time to shine!

Congratulations on the concert! :)

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Jericho Rosales, Jessy Mendiola for “The Girl in the Orange Dress” this MMFF 2018

This is definitely one of the films people look forward to watch because why not, it’s the only one discussing romance this December and ultimately combining two fine actors that have never been paired up, discussing a matter that anyone can relate to; when you fall in love with someone you think is not at your level, but forgot that they too are human just like you.

Here is our interview with the Jesse and Jericho during the shoot of the film:

Jessy Mendiola says “The craziest celebrity thing I did? I chose my heart over my career, but I didn’t regret any part of it. About the hungover story, I remember getting hung over after promising to pay for my friends birthday party. I checked my wallet the day after and the receipt was there. When I called her it was as if she paid for it, that was crazy. You need to watch this because it’s Christmas, it is fun, it is about giving and sharing, you will fall in love with us. If you see what Quantum produces every year, they have got so much promise because all their romantic films have done well. It just makes you feel good, please watch this as it focuses on love.”

Ria Atayde says “I am a huge Jericho Rosales fan and Echo is just amazing. You will also fall in love with the movie in the few hours it will be shown. ”

Jericho Rosales says “Every profession has good and bad things, the steady career, the perks, free stuff, attention, people think they know you, some actors abuse their popularity. Things happen, bash us, make a perception, it’s just a dog eat dog kind of industry and we work long hours without benefiting from the government. I have always pointed out that I didn’t want to be a celebrity, I just want to be an actor. I need to even watch this because Lino is depressing, I need something kilig, something that would get me over friendship issues. You should watch it because it will make you feel normal, smiling, because it really feels good. You need positive chemicals before you plan to watch the other things because this just gives good vibes. We didn’t put so much weight on the dress, it was just stolen, but when you see her from afar, you can identify her like a scandal on his head. Actually, this is about friendship. About running away from limelight, I did want that a few times in the past, but I don’t like the days when I get compared to anyone, affecting my family and my son and this kinda gives you a glimpse of that. It’s like a rock and roll world. It is not the dress, but the girl in the orange dress. I must say my fans, they are not much and they give me advice, they are the thinking, accepting kind of fans.”

Go watch The Girl in the Orange Dress this December 25 and see how you can enjoy someone else’s adventurous relationship, romance and love story. Talk to the person beside you in the cinema but not to be scary, who knows, you might fall in love there too.

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Kim Chiu, Dennis Trillo and JC De Vera for One Great Love

Thursday, December 13, 2018

I was expecting an installment of Shake, Rattle and Roll to come from film production Regal Entertainment Inc. but I guess they had different plans this 2018. One Great Love is their official entry for Metro Manila Film Festival this year and it stars Kim Chiu, Dennis Trillo and JC De Vera who will play star crossed lovers who wished for an ideal relationship, in a journey that would take them to various depths of love, friendship, breakups and moving on. This is under the direction of Eric Quizon so it is already interesting to see they dynamics of this new pairing.

Kim says “ I am Zyra, who only wanted to find love. There are different kinds and forms of love, but it’s the one that you won’t forget, even time wouldn’t be able to erase it. At first I didn’t want to promote this because of the love scenes, I don’t want to label it that way because it is a movie that doesn’t exist just because of the love scenes. You will see it because it is needed in the story, I was challenged, they took care of me and I was secured, remained to my core that it is just essential. This is rated PG and not R18, I won’t be scolded by my grandma. I was really nervous so I didn’t talk to them, it started with us back to back. Are we ready to fall in love again? That is the question!”

Dennis adds “ Ian is secretly in love with Zyra. It’s when you love less of yourself and more of them. It was fun and exciting to do this because I got to work with her even if we came from different channels. I was a little nervous during the first few days so I really talked to Direk Erik just to shake that off. I had to had help, and also helped Kim so we would be comfortable in both sides. Kim’s kiss is gentle. For those who are confused like we are in the movie, this is a nice place to start. If you get hurt you will get to realize a lot of things, that pain will always be there. You will remember the good and bad things.“

Marlo adds “I play Bryan, the one great love of Miles. Everyday you want to spend time with her, it’s the greatest feeling. This is the first time I am doing this role and we only talk when we are on the scene. They should look out for the sofa scene. She is literally light to work with.”
Miles says “I am the younger sister of Kim in the movie. I always ask myself about it, unless you feel it you wouldn’t consider it to be the greatest one. Actually One Great Love isn’t just because of that, it has deeper meaning. We all went through it at one point, you will relate with the characters and this will bring something for anybody.”

Eric Quizon says “When you say great love, it’s the truest one, the one you spend time the most. The script was by Gina Tagasa and it was just given to me, at first I was asked to change the title but I didn’t want to do it anymore because it was a great script. It was made and given to kim solely. She read this on the plane and agreed. Casting was a different process, the casting was thought about because this is out of Kim’s comfort zone and JC and Dennis had to sync because the managers wanted the opposite role for them but I wanted the other. Originally the kid sister was the sure one, it’s why they ended up giving advise. I did several jobs before this so it was easy because they have initiative. They talk in one corner and very professional, I heard Kim scream every now and then. Zyra went through waiting, hurting, the happiness, realization so you will go out crying and happy at the same time.”

The film also stars Marlo Mortel, Niña Dolino, Jenny Arteta, Clara Del Rosario, Fiona Yang, Mich Ligayu and Joric Pecson. They are also introducing Lauren Madelaine Cabugas and also including 80’s-90’s star Maila Gumila.

Go rush to theaters this December 25 as they are part or the Metro Manila Film Festival.

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TENYA Gives Crab and Wagyu Love This Christmas

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

If you haven't tried eating at Tenya yet, here's three good reasons to do so this season. They have already gone out with their new Tenya Ultimate Crab Tendon and Teishoku set plus Tenya's Holiday Wagyu. I almost fainted hearing that LOL!

You see, they've been serving the best of Japan since they have arrived here in the Philippines donning their specialty, the Tempura. Theirs is a light, very crispy but not oily version and they've kept it with that quality because of technology (their own machine) that cooks the thing fresh, precisely, at the same time.

Now think of that same treatment and get CRAB in the scene with Tenya’s all new Ultimate Crab Tendon and Teishoku set which has got a heaping serving of Japanese rice in a bowl plus tons of tempura pieces made from the freshest crab claws, soft shell crabs, crablets, kani kakiage, to black tiger prawn laced with crab fat aka "aligue" sauce. The tendon is also drizzled with their very own don tare sauce, a thing that Tenya has been very proud of.

They haven't forgotten you meat lovers out there as they've also got their Tenya Holiday Wagyu served with juicy, meaty Wagyu pieces and topped with their original steak sauce and a side of Japanese potato salad for a little fancier meal. Mind you they import some of their ingredients from Japan so quality is not much of a question because they get it fresh from the source regularly.

All you have to do now is head on to Tenya branches at SM Megamall, Market! Market!, BGC Stopover, Paseo de Magallanes, SM Mall of Asia, Aseana City, Festival Mall, SM Southmall and Tiendesitas. Go and give your loved ones a special treat this Christmas and dine in with Crab love the way Tenya does.

This is why you always can assure that #TenyaYourTempura is the best and #TenyaOriginal should always be your go to place for authentic Tempura.

Tenya’s Christmas offers are only available now until January 8, 2019 so go get your taste of the Ultimate Crab Tendon for Php 395, the Teishoku Set for Php 455 and the Holiday Wagyu for only Php 595. You may visit and follow @tenyaph their social media channels because it's all there!

You better try it before they're gone!

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