Save Lots using GCash on Lazada's 12-12 Grand Sale

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Do you shop? A lot? Me too!

Well, if you are one of the few who would be still awake later with toothpicks in your eyelids, I've got real good news for you. You can actually save on your shopping spree 

Fashion Items

Since this is the time to get new clothes, shoes and accessories (of course it is), I have a few in my cart already waiting for the clock to strike 12 so I can checkout and have it delived to my doorstep. No need for the fancy shmancy credit cards that cost an arm and a leg in annual fees because all you need is GCash to buy stuff online. You control your spending because you decide how much you put in your card. Transferring funds with just a few clicks and all is done securely, now let's check out what I need to buy first.

I need shoes, shoes and shoes. Then I need more shoes. 

I also want jackets so I can get along with the cold weather of Manila.

I also need black shirts because I can't wear colorful things this year.

Checking Out

When you've got all your items double and triple checked, go ahead and pay for it straight with GCash. As an additonal perk, Gcash users get up to 50% off of their purchases (max PHP 200) if you use code “GCASH1212”.

Check out this video on how!

Now it doesn't stop there, because if you use the code GCASHCONDO on your purchase, you can get the chance to win a brand new spanking condo unit as part of their Christmas Raffle Promo. Now go and head to the Google Play or App Store to download the GCash App today!

I just did to make sure I get the perks when the 12-12 sale starts later!

Easy with GCash!

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