The Marketplace is now in Honestbee

Thursday, December 06, 2018

It's the holidays people! So what better news to share but MORE choices inside the Honestbee app.

You see, Rustans very own The Marketplace is now accessible (if your within the area of operations) so you can experience the pleasure of food shopping with just a few flicks of a button. The Honestbee app also schedules grocery shopping so you get all the convenience without worrying if they will come or not on your specific date, on your specific time.

The Marketing Director of Honestbee Ms. Crystal says "We try to give you back your time for family, friends, so we are very particular for our partners. We curated everything and serve you the best ones. In the Philippines we have the best grocery brands and we are very thankful they chose Honestbee as their delivery partner in time for Christmas season. This day we have something special for all of you to make sure you can also do this at home."

Ms. Ana Punongbayan from The Marketplace by Rustans says "We scoured the world for the best products and we want to bring you more development in the ecommerce industry. We are excited to make lives better for Filipinos so please do try our exclusive products, over a 100 exclusive brands as the entire Marketplace brand will exert effort to make everything available in our shelves and into your own home. I hope you get to shop now in The Marketplace in Honestbee."

They also got Chino a professional food stylist to teach us about how to make our food look pretty on photos. Loved this activity!

Now if you want a stress free Christmas, go download the Honestbee App and order your groceries and premium items from The Marketplace by Rustans, it's all there!


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