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Monday, December 03, 2018

This presscon was one of the most difficult to cover because security was so tight that even the regular press people were not able to go in the venue, I couldn't breathe at times. After going inside, I saw Frontrow executives being interviewed for what seems to be a very momentous occasion as they open their new office in Quezon City at the corner of Mother Ignacia and Sgt. Esguerra. 

But it was all worth it because Nancy was there, I dunno who wouldn't fall in love with someone like her. Even if it was just a short presscon, and only a few people were allowed to ask questions, seeing them all in the flesh just made our days okay. I really wish the ones seeing them during the meet and greet today would be able to at least spend a few seconds with them, they really are phenomenal people in and out of the camera. RM Francisco divulged the group visited fans in a local hospital even if they chose not to tell the public, that seemed to us how genuine these girls are, inside and out.

My position wasn't ideal but I swear, it was so nice to see them all even just for a few minutes. Nobody got a selfie I think, only one person during the whole crazy event. Check out our coverage here!

I wish they could come back in a not so crazy day and just enjoy the country for a few days. They would surely enjoy it!

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