For the World's Greatest Mom!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

World's Greatest Mom in the middle!
Mother's day is fast approaching and I'm one of the few people who panic at this time of the year. I think I worry too much about what I could give my Mom since she has been a phenomenal person throughout this handsome man's lifetime. She is the only one that can handle all my disappointing mishaps in life and still manage to put up a smile whenever I needed someone. That just cannot be handled by friends alone because I know my Mom is more than a heroine, she is the best person I know in the whole world.

We do not spend that much time nowadays because of my busy schedules and work. I make it a point she knows how important she is to me even to this day. I have a lot to thank her for and that also includes my own life. I almost died when I was born, but we both survived all the blood loss and early birth condition that came with it. I may have some parts of my brain disfigured but hey I came out better looking than expected so that's a plus!

For those of you guys that do not have anything to give their Moms on this special day, PHOTOFIDDLE.COM just announced their Mother's Day $10 gift certificate giveaway. The technically savvy Moms could now create art from any photo of their choice and put them on canvas or art prints. The mothers day gifts are available before May 4, 2009. You can get them just emailing It's that easy!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!


More People Infected with SWINE FLU!

I hope there would be something that would be able to stop that influenza problem from Mexico. Imagine a couple of students were infected in Southern US because they only had a vacation in that country and now they are trying so hard to recuperate or at least survive because this deadly strain is killing them one by one. There are no vaccine or medicines created yet to battle this virus which is airborne. Now if you see the streets of Mexico, everyone is in masks but how would you be able to stop them from spreading it?!

We only have temperature detecting cameras that would be able to tell if they have fever, but a latest interview with a doctor on radio said that a single anti fever medicine would be able to put the temperature down if the drink one before they landed. Prevention must be done in the country of origin and not here, they recommended incubation periods too that is similar to SARS or bird flu when the outbreak hit the region previously.

If everyone had it, I hope the body would be able to produce enough anti bodies that would be able to eliminate this virus. Let the right people discover it so they can work on immediate cures since a lot have already died. Sickness that already has been transmitted from animals is very scary. This has mutated from the original spanish influenza. I hope the world health organization would be able resolve this.



I started being a fan of Dragonball since highschool and I have been the kind who goes through the rummages of Virra Mall to find Japanese betamax tapes that contain the actual video which is shown only in the land of the rising sun. Being a thousand miles apart of course that single copy would come in a very hefty price. I think my friends and I chipped in about 700 bucks just for it so we could be one of the few people who watched it in the Philippines at that time. Internet was not a word we knew then so don't ask me how long ago that was okay? The boom only started in the late 90's here so do the math.

This movie was a little dissapointing, it did follow some of the real good things about the actual cartoon series but most of it was really invented. We knew that it would really be something big because imagine a couple of highschool kids buying that with their lunch money right? But this movie? It was a far cry from the original. I really like the fight sequences but some of them were a little bit sloppy. The effects were nice but on some parts of it, they were a little off. It would be nicer if it had more than one city bursting into flames like in the cartoon series but I think they only sticked with one or two of them... not to mention the weird romance happening between Yamcha and Bulma. The instances where and how they met were also awful. Then when the actual movie ended, everybody was mentioning "IS THAT IT?!" like there should be something more that what it was made to look like. There were only a few people in the cinema and some kids were also noisy at the back so I did not enjoy it that much. I wonder what would the next part be like because for the time that Picollo was still alive, it looks like they wanted it to have another sequel. I don't even know if there would be one soon because I think they lost a lot of money making it. I give it 2 kumags for at least making an effort even if it seemed so dissappointing.



The Reading Festival 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As the biggest music fan in my family second to my Dad, I always make it a point to go on local events that are in line with the materials I listen to. I mainly do this for leisure but on major concerts and VIP privileges that establishments sometimes give away, I do not stop at any point and go to these because I feel the need to belong to the IN crowd. How simple that may be for others is not so simple with me because I do not have much time in my hands. It would mean I would not be going back to the office at these times or over the weekend where I take my days off even if I am still in the running of company perfect attendance in my 4th straight year. That is just a remarkable feat for me but I sometimes feel so bad if there are international events that happen in the Philippines which I could not go to. They rarely go here often. These are no ordinary MTV concerts or the things we watch on the OPRAH show. Some flukes pass that club like the hoax that made raves and shows years ago.

On a positive note, people in Europe specifically those in the United Kingdom will be holding huge reading festivals to get people of the same interest all in one place. I hope somebody pays for my airfare come August because they will be holding it there. Reading Festival Tickets are selling like hotcakes. I hope by a stroke of luck or a wave of the wand of HARRY would do wonders for me so I can get in. So if anybody who wants to volunteer... Ha-ha!

Although that maybe of interest for me, I would like to be the first one to sit and watch FALL OUT BOY or THE PRODIGY come concert night. They are some of my favorite bands and I adore their music. Obviously even the clothes I'm wearing now are patterned to their styles. I hope I can get one because rumor has it that they are sold out!


OMG Take Cover! It's Swine Flu!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The world is at panic mode now that the dreaded swine flu has spread throughout southern central America and the strain is so great that there are already a number of human transmission verified in the US and Mexico. The same threat of SARS is also present but the DOH is doing everything it can to prevent the virus' entry in the Philippine shore. There are no current reports of any virus transmission in the Philippines and if ever it goes here we would probably be suffering a lot. We should do something about it.

The President has tasked DOH and the Department of Agriculture to do anything in its powers to stop the entry of any individual suspected to come in the country. Swine flu has breen proven deadly.Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said that all ports and terminals have been equipped properly to stop the spread and the importation of meat from Mexico and the US. I hope we all survive this heavy strain! Let's all pray we don't die from it! This is serious!


BROSIX wins Best IM Client in Competition

Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the world of efficient Instant Messaging, there are thousands of software available to the ordinary consumer. The ordeal of the 21st century asks for a better, faster and stronger type of Instant Messaging service. ABOUT.COM just chose the best of the best this 2009 and
BROSIX Enterprise Messaging remained on top. With the software concentrating on having businesses securely exchanging messages inside their own network, transactions have been doubly fast with communication being on that rate. Who would not be impressed with this ingenious idea that made small offices and home offices have more access to network resources so you do not have to physically go where you employees and colleagues are. An astounding company like ABOUT.COM honors the premier software and hardware companies that provides good quality services to the ordinary consumer. The challenge now for BROSIX is how to remain on top and innovate information security with more features so we can all benefit from it. I hope someday I would be able to create software like they did. Congratulations!


Commuters’ Group Will Stop Fare hike petition

Amidst the chaos and political mess we are in right now, transport groups are planning an added fare hike when the prices of diesel fuel does not stop rising.

However, a commuters’ group is going to stop this petition for added prince in jeepneys. I know I don't ride jeeps that much but if that does push through who would stop taxi fares to do the same right?

This was said by a certain Elvira Medina, who is the current President of the National Council for Commuters Protection, after the transport group called Pasang-Masda gave their fillers to ask LTFRB about asking the original 7.50 for the minimum jeepney fare.

Medina said, they only are after the protection of the riding public.

In this event, Pasang-Masda President Obet Martin said they will push for the fare hike petition if the prices of diesel go through the 29 peso mark.


I Love That Perfume!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I was wondering how obsessed I am with perfume and everything that smells nice. Well judging from the looks of it, the number I am using as of the moment is preposterous. I try to use one for each day and it depends on the mood. It also depends on the humidity of that specific time that I go out of my room because it differs a lot believe me. I just picked up a couple of them that stood at the front of my nook. See the picture above? That's just part of it. If I were to pick up the rest, it would probably take me a while to do that since I've got about 30 more at the back. I do not know if I am doing it right but it is nice to see I can actually use a different one whenever I feel like it. The most refreshing, soothing feeling you get when we go out smelling nice is just oblivious!

I love designer perfume too. Sometimes I try not to use some of them because they are too expensive. I like the woodsy, musky smell rather than those flowery and grassy type ones. I like the masculine smelling ones because it gives me that extra boost of confidence when I feel like it. It is just a little hard to explain but I bet you have experienced that in your favorite perfume, cologne or body sprays. Right now, I'm using the PACO RABBANNE XS because I want to remember my high school days when I smelled like that. It just brings back memories, any perfume blog would tell you that. Anyone planning to buy me more?! Thanks!


The Need to Relax! -Me

It's a Saturday today and I've got a lot of things to do. Finally, I've got good news from work. Well, not that good yet but it would be better I hope. I haven't slept yet from my shift yesterday and I have this time only to type away in my site about the nice things that I've seen today. I just finished taking off my clothes and wearing my jammies and shirt. I've gotten used to this I think. It's hot but it looks like it is going to rain outside. I went out with my wifey and bought myself a couple of shirts and pants. I ate a lot considering I have not gone to the gym in the last 5 days. I better punish my self this week to make up for it because I am gaining a lot of weight I admit.

I've walked a mile or more and have gone malling as an exercise. I'm tired and now I'm in my bed watching re runs of Wish ko lang.. maybe later I will watch a couple of episodes from Eugene Domingo's show at youtube. Well that's after I watch the replay of American Idol. I watched the results yesterday and good thing my bet is still in the competition. This is one of those days when I need to chill and relax. My feet are tired, and my mind is just floating. I wish there was some way I could take out the stress manually. Brain surgery maybe? Haha!


Music and Video In Touch!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We all got our own set of friends and we listen to different music, watch different videos and barely share them with our friends. We must have lost contact with our family, lost communication with friends. Some of them are in your social networks, but some of them rarely get on line because of work and things to do with their own lives. It's that or maybe they are too busy watching American idol.

Judging from the activity they had in the years you spent apart, you would want to at least know what your closest friends are doing. This goes the same with the things you want to also let them see too. Nobody thought about it until emTain - Your Multimedia Find Engine arrived. Now it is easier for everybody do that and put your self in the real world and share your own collections and let them see it too. To showcase your interests, favorites and anything under the sun, you can count on EMTAIN to get them through. They even got twitter and lots of other widgets on the list so make sure to be one of the first ones to get it. I'm enjoying it now so don't get left behind the next big thing since sliced bread!


On Trina Etong

Trina Etong, wife of famous broadcaster Ted Failon has been cremated.It took three hours to do it since 11:15AM this morning. The family has receved her urn and they plan to take it to their home in Tierra Pura, Quezon City.

Ted Failon has sent his thanks to everyone who helped supporting him and his family. He also apologized to those who were not able to go in Arlington Funeral Homes. Mr. Failon said he will try to be strong for his family, specially their two daughters. Their eldest Kaye also said in an interview that it is now time for them to heal and recover from this shocking event in their lives.

Before the actual cremation, mass was held at Arlington Crematorium Chapel led by Father Jerry Orbos. Suicide is not allowed to be celebrated in the church so they only did it in Arlington instead. The National Beureau of Investigation is still continuing to conduct its impartial probe in the Etong shooting.


All Terrain Vehicles Maybe?

I was planning to purchase a super bike this quarter but my previous articles tell me I should also look at the all terrain vehicles. If this stops me from getting that HONDA which I saw in Mission Impossible 3 then I probably need to sit down with my wife and talk her out of it. These are quads so we can probably use this more in the province, of which would serve that purpose since we plan to spend more time there than in Manila. If budget constraints fail to get me that 1.3 million peso super bike, this would be the next best thing I could probably purchase.

It's a little disappointing though that we do not have that much choice here unlike in MESA, AZ because they have parts and accessories for the YAMAHA RHINO 660. The Rhino though would need certain improvements as far as rollover safety is concerned because some of them were pulled out of the market. The 450 POLARIS RZR comes in a close second because of its sleek and macho looking body chassis. I like that a lot and the price is within the budget so if we plan to buy the super bike first, we can still have this for our other home in the countryside. The Polaris Ranger, Artic cat Prowler and KAWASAKI TERYX are all tied in third place performance wise. The specification says it all, but if there would be a couple of modifications done on the Rhino. it would be my personal choice. For people who are located in the Arizona area, make sure you contact TMW OFFROAD at 480-969-9261 so you can jazz up your ordinary all terrain vehicles. I wish there was something like that here.


Prudential Plan Holders Rocked Its Makati Office

Plan holders of pre need company Prudential Plans went on a ruckus in its office in Legaspi Village, Makati City.

According to Mr. Philip Piccio, President of Parents Enabling Parents (PEP) Coalition (the ones who had problems with Platinum Plans before), said that this is part of the protests that the plan holders are doing in the midst of the cancellation of their license to sell pre need plans. It looks like they too are being affected by the world financial crisis. They are dismayed about this move by the Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) because they might not be able to get their pre-need plans.

Jose Alberto Alba, President of Prudential Life Plans has assured the public that there should be no worried about the decision because as far as their company is concerned, paid or unpaid plans will still be given its benefits whatever the reasons may be with the SEC decision.

I just hope they recover and give all their members what's due them. I think this is the same reason why the company I work for changed Medical card providers so suddenly.


The Dangers of ATV Rollovers

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All terrain vehicles are very popular in the United States and most middle income families can afford purchasing one. In recent events, Japanese manufacturer YAMAHA has recalled hundreds of the Rhino Side by Side ATV vehicles because of the great risk of rollovers. The popular brand produced this particular model without side doors and it has endangered a lot of individuals who choose to be in the driver or passenger seat. Everyone else was forced to put their foot out to balance the actual All Terrain Vehicle because the faulty proportion in it's design. The center of gravity was too far off and the wheels were too narrow because it would possibly be designed from Japanese models that often come in that condition. I remember SUZUKI also had the same problem on their small AUV models previously because it had the same construction as the Rhino ATV.

I had a friend who had an accident in a YAMAHA Motor bike just last year. He literally smashed his face on an incoming vehicle that swerved on his lane that sent him flying to the other vehicles metal side car. He needed a couple of million pesos just to reconstruct his face and nose. Aside from that, he lost his sight on his left eye. I really tried my best to comfort him but in that condition, you just really are helpless. I hope there would be a more stricter standard implemented for All Terrain Vehicles so people would not meet the same fate as my best friend did. Imagine how hard it would have been for his wife and young daughter. Imagine how it would be if this Yamaha Rhino Rollover happened to you right?!



CABAL WIZARD at Level 109 Mercury Server

The last quest in cabal to level up in the Completer rank would need 50 grade mission coins from frozen slaughter zombies. I tried it just now and on one use of the epaulet of dead, I only got 6 pcs out of it because I obviously did not know where to go on some of the places where it has those creatures. I would probably be able to finish this in a couple of days, but I don't know if the epaulet of dead that I have would be enough to cover 50 pcs of that. Aside from that, I got into honor rank 5 and the next honor quests require me to get inside the lake in the dusk to kill some ogres. I would probably be able to finish this in a month but that would require me to play the game everyday. I just hope I have that much time to do it.

Well, as far as the frozen tower is concerned I think I did a pretty good job of killing the creatures one by one. Although I could have had a better playtime on it if I had someone to travel with. I just hope it is enough to get the 50 coins it require because as you see if you only do it alone like I did I was not able to finish it at all. Maybe I need to study a couple of the video walkthroughs so I would be a little more familiar with the place. I'm sure to be able to get there soon, the vehicle I got free was also nice. I have my own astral bike now free for only 30 days!


Things To Know About Ethical Hacking

The role of CYBER Security has been blatantly given importance by the US. This has played a major role in the war against terrorism. The Philippines also has produced some of the world's best hackers and network security experts because we are at par with the technology and training. We were stricken of viruses before that stole information from computers that are even on secured connections. They are those that even have been stripped of their bank accounts because without the operating system, virus, security pattern updates they would not be safe at all.

IT Security is important no matter how small or big businesses are. If you cannot secure online transactions, there would be a huge chaos in markets here and around the globe. We are not in the age where we need to resort in barter trading. The EC-Council is thinking of numerous ways to battle this at the forefront and they have set up trainings in the web for Internet and Network Security Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, and Secure Programming. IT and big business corporations have a huge demand for network security experts here and elsewhere in the world. Without this check and balance in cyberspace through Ethical Hacking , we would all fall into the hands of unscrupulous individuals that have nothing to do but ruin lives of citizens like you and me. I plan to move forward in my career as a network engineer and it is inevitable. If I am a Certified Ethical Hacker I would not fear the recession would be a factor in getting a job because it is still highly needed. Good thing they have flexible schedules that we can get because most of us do not have time to study anymore. Great! I'll try to get one of their online classes.