The Financial Crisis: Free Credit Report Solutions

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The financial crisis is not over yet but the G20 already agreed upon some measures to put a halt in the drowning structure of economies around the world. They black listed countries who still employ banking secrecy laws and that includes the Philippines. How worried we should be is going to be a different story. I am optimistic that this will work because with the months of preparation and disagreements that came in the way, the 20 countries already started to work together despite their differences. I'm worried though that this has been hurried a lot and may not be thought about too much which may result in outrageous decisions that some countries may neglect and put everything at risk.

Westerners have faced credit problems head on and slowly making recovery as seen in the latest market reports. Even Asian stock had gains this week which is evident that it is working. Reports say that the appearance of the US President had a lot to do with it. I guess they were merely inspired by him which a huge American population experienced when they voted last year. Today, it is tantamount to fix credit problems of the average earner. I really am so happy that they are starting to help each other because there is a new place where you can get a freecreditreport. Times like these need everyone to chip in, because the time to take action is now. There are some government incentives given to those who filed bankruptcy but they are working on getting a permanent fix. They have to start evaluating the credit report which contains their current financial standing. They need to earn a little more than what they spend so it means making an effort to live within their means is important. After which, the government should stay monitoring your credit as well to prevent this from happening. We all know how people spend a lot if they have "plastic" to use. Sometimes it is out of control so we should put a stop to that now.



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Rose Ann said...

with this so called financial crisis that jarred the global economy is a lesson to be learned. and what good thing about this it is a great and once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire assets and increase one's financial intelligence. hope the G-20 summmit indeed served its purpose for the stability of global economy.