The Dangers of ATV Rollovers

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All terrain vehicles are very popular in the United States and most middle income families can afford purchasing one. In recent events, Japanese manufacturer YAMAHA has recalled hundreds of the Rhino Side by Side ATV vehicles because of the great risk of rollovers. The popular brand produced this particular model without side doors and it has endangered a lot of individuals who choose to be in the driver or passenger seat. Everyone else was forced to put their foot out to balance the actual All Terrain Vehicle because the faulty proportion in it's design. The center of gravity was too far off and the wheels were too narrow because it would possibly be designed from Japanese models that often come in that condition. I remember SUZUKI also had the same problem on their small AUV models previously because it had the same construction as the Rhino ATV.

I had a friend who had an accident in a YAMAHA Motor bike just last year. He literally smashed his face on an incoming vehicle that swerved on his lane that sent him flying to the other vehicles metal side car. He needed a couple of million pesos just to reconstruct his face and nose. Aside from that, he lost his sight on his left eye. I really tried my best to comfort him but in that condition, you just really are helpless. I hope there would be a more stricter standard implemented for All Terrain Vehicles so people would not meet the same fate as my best friend did. Imagine how hard it would have been for his wife and young daughter. Imagine how it would be if this Yamaha Rhino Rollover happened to you right?!



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