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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Heads up gamers! I'm excited about this new card game that is going to be released 77 days, 6 hours, 55 minutes and 31 seconds from the time I'm writing this post. I'm an avid card gamer too for those who do not know. My hobbies include fantasy card games and I've spent quite a few bucks for my deck even when I was still in college. I'm going to dish out a few too when this gets released, the plot seems realistic and great. I'm hoping that the game itself would equal what was indicated in the story line because I personally would even want this in a movie which I'm sure could even get a huge following like the comic book heroes.

The trading cards are not that bad because the art work is quite phenomenal. I think I've heard some of the illustrator's names like Emmanuel who is pretty well known in deviant art. I'm sure he's got lots of his graphic work immortalized in the collectible card game not to mention the great interpretation of monsters, enhancements, magic and mechanical robots. The cyborg like make up of the prime characters show eerie personalities too and if the story continues as good as the one on their site, terminator 3 may have a run for it's money. The other trading card artists are also great in their work, it just fits the whole package.

I hope some of you would be able to wait that long. I'm planning to also join their community which also quite similar to the on line gaming site I manage now. I fervently hope this could change the one I'm playing today because they will also soon release more characters. This was just not done that regularly so I tend to get bored with the tactics I play to win from other addicts in my neighborhood. If they switch to this one 77 days from now, guess who's starting a deck first! Ha-ha!


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