Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I just arrived from a 2 day vacation in PUERTO GALERA which is one of the nicest tourist attractions south of Manila. This is my second time to go there and I really love the place. However, this time of the year was a little different because this made me go there on a peak season where everybody else goes because of Holy Week. They flock to that island because it is the nearest white beach 5 hours away from Manila. I love the place for the shoreline because I love the feeling of the sand on my feet and watch the waves hit me every second. Though there is a huge problem now, a lot of them are putting their trash on the sand after their drinking sprees. They did not think it would affect the way PUERTO GALERA looked, but I suddenly had the urge to clean up after I saw the place the morning after. There were bottles, plastic cups, food, metal utensils all over but only a few residents chose to clean it.


I was worried that in a few years, GALERA might not look the same way because some people did not care enough. I'm not a green thumb or an environmentalist but that is just not right. As an ordinary person, I know we need to at least make an effort to do our part. Even in the city, we should recognize the high volume of trash we have each day. There were a few times we had a garbage problem here because we did not have any place to put it anymore. The dump trucks only had huge lines around residents who chose to close down dump sites because it already had a huge impact on their ecosystem. We should recycle everything and ask our friends and families to enter Earth Day contest that could literally lessen the amount of waste coming from our own homes. I often throw away cell phones and chargers that do not work anymore. I did not know that there were some establishments who could properly dispose of them because iBuyPhones recycles used cell phones.It is just an ingenious way of taking care of mother nature so I will support this cause. I think you should also do the same, so make it a point to grab those old phones and give them to people who can make this world a better place. At least your children can see the same beach, water source and place you now enjoy. They will thank you for that.



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