Change We Need in SOHO Businesses

Friday, April 03, 2009

Times are hard and even the greatest 20 countries are scuffling to merge today in London for a summit to resolve the world financial crisis. The G20 with months worth of agreements from coast to coast worked together to formulate not just a stimulus package worth trillions of dollars but a safety net of huge changes in the system of capitalism in the world market. The Asian currencies have all rallied and brought huge gains against the dollar which makes positive impact on their cause because this is what they have been all wishing to do.

The result of quarters that have been in negative growth even for these well to do countries is so hard since thousands lost their jobs. There are some parts of the EU countries that had to cut down on their wages up until 10 percent so as to at least keep their businesses afloat. The Philippines however is doing an awesome job because it has even posted slow growth when everybody else was posting negative GDP percentages together with only 1 other country in the region. This is good news for us but I hope the government would be able to sustain this, otherwise we would be in the same boat as with the stricken countries.

The President has been suggesting to stimulate the market with job opportunities and she is also spearheading government initiatives. The role also of entrepreneurs has been harnessed for home and small office businesses. This not only generates jobs but also empowers the person to have their own businesses at their own home. I like the ones also recommended in that explains how on line businesses thrive through these tough times. These are all legitimate and home based so it is quite easy for any Internet savvy individual. Logistics for it are also cost effective since you are being pushed to be your own boss. I will embark on this lucrative line of businesses and see how I would fare in a couple of years. Wish me luck!


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