Commuters’ Group Will Stop Fare hike petition

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amidst the chaos and political mess we are in right now, transport groups are planning an added fare hike when the prices of diesel fuel does not stop rising.

However, a commuters’ group is going to stop this petition for added prince in jeepneys. I know I don't ride jeeps that much but if that does push through who would stop taxi fares to do the same right?

This was said by a certain Elvira Medina, who is the current President of the National Council for Commuters Protection, after the transport group called Pasang-Masda gave their fillers to ask LTFRB about asking the original 7.50 for the minimum jeepney fare.

Medina said, they only are after the protection of the riding public.

In this event, Pasang-Masda President Obet Martin said they will push for the fare hike petition if the prices of diesel go through the 29 peso mark.


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