BROSIX wins Best IM Client in Competition

Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the world of efficient Instant Messaging, there are thousands of software available to the ordinary consumer. The ordeal of the 21st century asks for a better, faster and stronger type of Instant Messaging service. ABOUT.COM just chose the best of the best this 2009 and
BROSIX Enterprise Messaging remained on top. With the software concentrating on having businesses securely exchanging messages inside their own network, transactions have been doubly fast with communication being on that rate. Who would not be impressed with this ingenious idea that made small offices and home offices have more access to network resources so you do not have to physically go where you employees and colleagues are. An astounding company like ABOUT.COM honors the premier software and hardware companies that provides good quality services to the ordinary consumer. The challenge now for BROSIX is how to remain on top and innovate information security with more features so we can all benefit from it. I hope someday I would be able to create software like they did. Congratulations!


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