Tsip Tsao and his Public Apology

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just this evening I heard over the radio (while taking a bath) Mr. Tsao went to the consulate in HK and faced the media, Migrante International, the Filipino community and the consuls themselves. He personally apologized and bowed 3 times as a sign of his sincere apology. That was one of the things I was personally waiting for. I can forgive like any normal human would do... but I don't forget. Racism is a huge issue. I hope he learns his history first when the British were treating Chinese lower than dogs, and when they in the 50's and 60's begged to gain entry in the Philippines in hopes of a better life. If I were to start a word war with him, we should start there so he knows where he's coming from. Remember when we were portrayed INDIOS in books and their race was even lower than us? If we were to start racism with that, I'm sure they would not like to hear it at all to begin with.

I am a Filipino of Spanish decent, but I am still a Filipino. We all have an uncertain future. We may have one or more of these things to think about in our lifetime. We maybe on top or way below the poverty line that society dictates. The difference between us though is I'm not hypocritical in saying we all have our own way of saying things... but I'm not going to the path he chose of going overboard and insult a whole generation of impoverished people just because I am where I am. Cast the first stone at me and you bet your sorry A$$ I'll throw you the GRAND CANYON!

My other article about him is here. CLICK THIS



amiable amy said...


I posted this today and I applaud you for making a stand. GOOD JOB! And thank you for the information.

sai said...

very well said! ;)

em-em said...

nice :)

Anonymous said...

is one site that tackles Chip Tao , its funny

sai said...

very well said! ;)