Holy Week in the Philippines 2009

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's holy week again in the Philippines and that long week where most people have no work means almost nothing to me.... because I have to work at these times. It's okay though because after 5 years of having no absences at work, I pretty much am used to it.

People from the metro will flock back to their own provinces and security is tight in almost all ports. The new National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) Chief Roberto Rosales has even ordered the few thousand policemen to watch over people at these times. Which would mean no holiday for them too... I hope they really keep peace and order like what they are supposed to do. I heard over the radio,that Rosales tasked his District Director to assure that there will be visible police men on public terminals, ports, airports, malls, and vital installations. There should be no NIGAS COGON on visibility because as usual, they'll probably be there only when there are events like these. I hope they keep it that way so there would be lower crime rates.
They should also be working with local security groups and local barangay officials because most people would be leaving their houses. A neighborhood watch perhaps? That would be a miracle if that happened.

Although there are no security threats by unscrupulous groups, they should never let their guard down because it is highly possible that these extremists may get the chance and blow up people and places. I wouldn't wanna fall trapped with that.

I hope I can visit Pampanga and watch people crucified... or maybe just watch them from afar. I don't like blood baths anyway, it gives me the creeps. The picture above is just a normal march at these times... imagine after that, they will get crucified too. That would just hurt looking at it but hey it's a cultural thing so we don't have to be too freaky all year hehe.

Have a blessed holy week everyone!


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