World War II Veterans Apply for Equity Benefits

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Over 26,000 World War II Veterans applied for equity benefits which was passed by Barrack Obama together with the stimulus package. He has pronounced that this should never be delayed because they are some who are sick and dying. From what I have heard this will amount to about 9,000 dollars or about 432,000 pesos so this is a huge payment for those who almost lost their lives in that fight. That amount is only for those who are in the Philippines. For those who are in the US, I think I heard that it would amount to about 15,000 dollars... which I hope I am not mistaken.

My Grandpa is also one of those who will get benefits since he served that war and got POW'd even. I just hope they pay what is due them. Good thing Obama knows his priorities and these veterans have paid enough I think. Giving them this is actually a little too late but its good at least that they gave it... confusing as that may sound its just good...

US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney said that this number will increase in the coming days. I like this US Ambassador because she is so down to earth. Today,they are continually processing the papers of these veterans and I hope it would all be given soon.


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