Pistachio Crisis is My Crisis

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's my favorite nut of all time, I even eat this flavor of ice cream and cakes for cryin out loud.There is a huge problem with it now because of salmonella, which they say is laced about it.

The result for the food tests in pistachio products will be released anytime next week. BFAD has been heading this endeavor and I will be one of them guys craving for it now so it is a huge thing for me.

Up unitl now, the recall for products with this ingredient specifically Setton pistachio of Terra Bella from the US is being held for the same reason. I wonder if the middle eastern ones have them too.Health Secretary Francisco Duque said he has made his people in BFAD go overtime for testing local brands of pistachio products since monday where there would be a 6 day incubation period needed to test if this has affected our supply.

He strongly suggested not to eat it for the meantime. This is just making me suffer a lot! AW!


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