‘Prayers sustained me during captivity’ By Milet B. Mendoza

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Aunt Milet Mendoza was kidnapped on September 15, 2008 together with other humanitarian workers Esperancita Hupida, Ludovina Borja-Dekit, driver Dionisio Estandante and their companions Romeo delos Reyes and Sahida Alasa. She however was released after a grueling 61 days. I have featured her in my site a couple of times here, here and here.

Our family were worried souls when this happened. I just can't describe how ecstatic we were when she was released after 2 months. Now in this article she recounts her experience in the hands of the Abu Sayyaf. I hope victims and families would be able to learn something from her experience. This came straight from the kidnap victim so if there would be someone to tell us how it is, as is... check out her story here:

We all ask things from God, be thankful for the little things he gives you. For the millions of people that ask from him, at least he gave a little more time on you.


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