Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I started being a fan of Dragonball since highschool and I have been the kind who goes through the rummages of Virra Mall to find Japanese betamax tapes that contain the actual video which is shown only in the land of the rising sun. Being a thousand miles apart of course that single copy would come in a very hefty price. I think my friends and I chipped in about 700 bucks just for it so we could be one of the few people who watched it in the Philippines at that time. Internet was not a word we knew then so don't ask me how long ago that was okay? The boom only started in the late 90's here so do the math.

This movie was a little dissapointing, it did follow some of the real good things about the actual cartoon series but most of it was really invented. We knew that it would really be something big because imagine a couple of highschool kids buying that with their lunch money right? But this movie? It was a far cry from the original. I really like the fight sequences but some of them were a little bit sloppy. The effects were nice but on some parts of it, they were a little off. It would be nicer if it had more than one city bursting into flames like in the cartoon series but I think they only sticked with one or two of them... not to mention the weird romance happening between Yamcha and Bulma. The instances where and how they met were also awful. Then when the actual movie ended, everybody was mentioning "IS THAT IT?!" like there should be something more that what it was made to look like. There were only a few people in the cinema and some kids were also noisy at the back so I did not enjoy it that much. I wonder what would the next part be like because for the time that Picollo was still alive, it looks like they wanted it to have another sequel. I don't even know if there would be one soon because I think they lost a lot of money making it. I give it 2 kumags for at least making an effort even if it seemed so dissappointing.



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