An Afternoon With The Cast Of BINOY HENYO!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Genius... Smart... all things good about a boy and his family, that's what BINOY HENYO is all about. It's a Dramedy developed for television by Palanca award winner Marlon Miguel and produced by GMA. The kid is played by David Remo whom we found quite amusing that afternoon. Even though they are poor, they still have their dreams and choose to stay in school. Because he's smart, he gets the nod of his professors and even the other kids grew fond of him. In real life, he's really a bright kid and he answers questions quite above his age plus doesn't look like he was even trying. 

Playing the title role of Binoy isn't easy but he looks like he's having fun. The cast sternly supports him on his role. His Dad looked quite contented with the way everyone was treating his kid in this project and sees it doesn't hamper to normally grow up. He's even doing good in school although he is quite disturbed because even his teachers began calling him BINOY which is a far cry from his first name David. He laughed it off though, cute and smart. He's also got a robot of his own called BIBOT whom he created and loved dearly.

Angel Satsumi who plays his classmate was equally cute too. She initially finds Binoy to be a competitor and always strives to be number one in class. She later on gets along with Binoy since she finds the kid sort of  a good guy and now she adores him even more. Her Mom was there too and as observed she was excited to see her kid to be involved in all of these. I wasn't surprised because she was really good, I could imagine them in other projects in GMA and I bet they wouldn't have a hard time.

This hunky guy was right beside me while interviews were going on. Honestly, I haven't seen him before but when he mentioned the roles he's done in the past... I immediately said OH THAT WAS YOU! Then after a short while, I think I've seen him before. He was talked about in PinoyExchange even in a rival station's thread. I'm not surprised, with his good strong looks, chiseled features, he could pass for a european/german model. 

From projects like First Time, Blusang Itim, primetime hit One True Love and of course the epic serye INDIO he says he's been really contented with the things GMA has been giving him. He admits however that playing this part was a little too easy, he wanted a more challenging one because he knows he can do so much further. He plays as Francis' brother and confidant. Judging from the looks of it, he's a good chap and he knows his craft. Even if he played contrabida roles most of the time, he's bent on doing other parts and be a goody two shoes this time. 

He says the other actors in this project were really good and he learned a lot from the veteran ones. I'd say it might take a while but he can nail this with GMA Artist Center who's been able to give him really good breaks. Pretty soon, you'll see more of this chap being more of a hero. Why not? he's paid his dues and gotten so much in a short amount of time. I hope he's gonna get his role spiced up a bit when the deal with Francis Sandoval materializes in the script soon. You'll understand why the conflicts in the family where discussed in this program, and they never hold back about it. Promising? Definitely. I can't wait to see more of him soon. That's Lucho Ayala!

Simple, charming and really down to earth is this First Runner Up from Bb. Pilipinas and consequently Starstruck 2009's first princess Rich Asuncion. At first, I couldn't believe she's playing mature roles on screen because I find her appealing in more younger roles. She said she's done several stints of aged Tita's, relatives and mother roles so she wasn't really surprised to land this one. 

From her previous successful projects in GMA like Aso ni San Roque, Biritera, Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit, and Time Of My Life she says she expects this one to be a really good project as expected from GMA. She boasts of the great importance and opportunities that the network has given her even if she's still studying. Lucho and Rich actually go to UP Diliman (no joke!), they are real deal students so you won't be able to talk to them on some days of the week. 

Rich even had to take a long break and do her OJT's and work in Bohol. I was amused at their first experience of Adhoc and how she remembers not being able to get in because of the crowd. It was really admirable of them though to still give importance to finish their education no matter how busy they are for what its worth. I could see fire burning in their eyes and see their passion about their course. I felt I owe to congratulate them when the time comes. 

Rich here plays as Binoy's strict teacher and personally was feeling so rewarded she gets to interact with the kids more than the other stars in this stint. As adviser, she thinks a lot for the welfare of her students. She might be strict but she makes sure to hone the talents of her students individually and see to it that their gifts are given up to their full potential. It's dedication to their work and their love for their students that drive them this way. Plus, I can say she's outright VERY pretty!

Who doesn't know Sheena Halili? I always look for her when I talk to buddy Rocco Nacino. She's bubbly, very sexy and has quite a presence. I didn't know she could pull off a mother role but she's been able to do that thanks to the smart boy. She shows how much love she can give beyond the hardships and struggles of her own dilemma, not being able to read or write. She wants to get her kid decent education and pulls off strings just to make ends meet. It's her dream to see her kid have a diploma and finish school. Sheena was really into character. She even gave treats to David (who plays Binoy in the program) if he does really good in school. Having found a good role, she's not afraid to be typecasted in mother roles too much because she just treats this as a job just like the other roles she's played in the past. She probably treats this as a very challenging one because the case with the mother role wasn't ordinary. Luis Allandy who plays the father Francis didn't really grow up with the kid nor this family; and that is another story to tell. 

Make sure you watch the next episodes because it will become more interesting. Binoy's adventures of life, friends and family isn't done yet. Who knows, his next invention might answer your problems too! It's not too late to learn something new and BINOY HENYO can bring you up to page. They're doing good on ratings and got a pretty good program to boot! Don't miss it! I'm so glad to have been able to know a couple of the people who work in this project. Thanks for the nice chat and great afternoon! Kalma ka lang!

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Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana Stars In Regal Film's "Let's Take A Chance!"

Friday, August 30, 2013

It's been a while since I've seen them. They've been very busy these past few months with the success of their show My Husband's Lover. Though a man less, they are gunning for a more romantic comedy film and nothing seems to be standing their way. This looks very promising as they bank for these individuals popularity and present it in a whole different perspective. This project's called "Let's Take A Chance!".

This film is directed by famed Jun Lana. He's done a lot of great projects for GMA and Regal in the past and this one's in his mind for quite some time now. Since we were in a story conference, he showed us a few slides on what he expected to see in this film. He was inspired by Korean romcom movies and series which changes date. Though it's setting are in dark alleys or streets of Seoul; they'll do it here in urban Manila. Whilst some of the scenes are going to be shot in a more eclectic setting, Carla Abellana will be seen in grand rooms of royal colors which will also be translating in her character. She's going to be totally different from her role in the MHL series and of course Tom Rodriguez won't be gay this time.

Speaking of Tom, he's one of the most neatest faces I've ever seen in public TV; and this time he's playing a good next boy neighbor type on this project. He's not that brute and machismo oozing guy but more of an all american good boy who just wanted romance..and love in his life. It's just simple dreams, simple wishes, and not trying to kick around everything into a mess. I haven't see the script that they were holding but the pegs kinda gave it away. 

Anyway, I should just give you some shots that afternoon. It's my first time to see Tom in the flesh so I think this will do just fine for your senses..

The HardieMan Challenge 2013!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A few days ago, I was really happy to be in the midst of men clad in jumpsuits, work goggles, hammers and saws. They were all "builders" from all over the country and they converged at the posh Rockwell Tent in Makati. They went here to show who's the best in building a HardieMan home through various exercises and tasks of the HARDIEMAN CHALLENGE. Let's take a look!

There were about 12 teams who had to battle each other through skill challenges and I was so glad I didn't go through this bout with them. They had to put up walls, ceilings, floors using the same amount of equipment. But the first to finish isn't going to win this. They have different criteria to follow in order to be regarded as the best builder in the Philippines. Check out the leaderboards when I got there.

It was exciting seeing them all putting up the walls, floors and ceilings. But on the board there was also a part for the QUIZ. Imagine these brute men pushing pens. It tests not only their strengths, skills but of course their geniuses too!

They were also required to wear safety gears. You'd get disqualified if you won't wear them all. Then the action continued.

In the end, it was announced. Winners comprised of 1st place - Shuttershield, 2nd place - Cabico, 3rd place - Gentry, and some Special Awards were given to Best in Workmanship - Shuttershield, Best in Teamwork - Dreva, Best in Safety - Jonzlib’z, Best in James Hardie Knowledge - Shuttershield. I thought it was going to be CABICO because they were leading earlier but I guess the one who got the James Hardie questions right won it in the end! There were new stuff also introduced in the show. It's waterproof, fireproof and so easy to install. Make sure the next time you are building something, give James Hardie a call or visit local suppliers nationwide!

Congratulations to everyone who participated and I'm sure everyone will be back next year as they hold another HARDIEMAN CHALLENGE soon! 

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PITBULL's Global Warming Tour Live In Manila!


This guy is just awesome! He livens up parties, he doesn't care if you're a latina, Asian, or whatever race you may be. He's just 50% machismo, and 50% party! That's PITBULL and he bites a wallop when he mounts his concert in Manila as part of his GLOBAL WARMING TOUR!

 It's slated on the 4th of September, 8PM at the Mall of Asia Arena! You can't stop his original sounding music, the same one which he had conquered the world by storm. Best of all, this is brought to you by one of my favorite brands... HUMAN. 


For particulars please proceed to or call them directly at +63 470-2222 and be part of this momentous event! I know you want it... you really want it! So shawty let's have a grand time when this starts Wednesday night! Ladies let's go!


WP8 Nokia Lumia Smartphones Gets AMBER Update!


Heard the news? Nokia just got even better because their Lumia handsets that are running on Windows 8 platform just got a whole lot smarter with the recent software update they call AMBER. There will be new improved features, new applications and a glance screen displaying a clock which was never seen in the handset before.This Windows 8 update on the handset also means that they would be able to harness a new FM Radio capability and a greater XBOX Music and Internet Explorer interface on the phone. 

As for imaging, this comes better as the camera adjusts automatically even on low light situations. Perfect for indoor or night shots. The camera can do upto 3200 ISO which is better than most DSLR/digital cameras. You can have the device to be in silent mode at a single flip which is perfect for those meetings and personal chats. You can also double tap to unlock it and have your photos uploaded to personal SkyDrive accounts if it's already full.You can also personalize maps as needed because as soon as you have AMBER you can just download the country you prefer instead of the whole world map, that's just awesome because it saves so much space!

Phone updates are currently ongoing. It will start with the Lumia 920, 820, 521, 810, 928 and soon for handsets Lumia 520, Lumia 620 and Lumia 720!

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On The Runway: SM Men's Fashion presents: Just Delivered Jeans!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Another day, another sizzling hot afternoon for bodies adorned in what we all love wearing when we go out, that's JUST DELIVERED JEANS from SM Men's Fashion. How can we not love a full fashion show with great Filipino, American, and Brazilian male models strutting the runway of SKY DOME in SM North Edsa! This is so good!

The show was hosted by gorgeous Bianca Valero whom we saw a few days ago during the Dole event. We didn't have time to chit chat though.

Then the boys came out. Here's Hideo Muraoka and Fabio Ide. Brapanese anyone?

They were all smiles and donned in jeans, denim jackets and denim shirts. I own a couple of pairs from SM and it was really a treat to see it worn like they do. SM Men's Fashion implicates that they have the basics and you just need to mix and match it with whatever you have existing in your closet, it's so nice no?

Then the other guys came in...

 Then someone so familiar to you guys came along too. Do you know this guy?

 Yes, that's Daniel Matsunaga. He's with Rafael Do Prado aka Rafa on this bit. For more photos click the link below!