The HardieMan Challenge 2013!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A few days ago, I was really happy to be in the midst of men clad in jumpsuits, work goggles, hammers and saws. They were all "builders" from all over the country and they converged at the posh Rockwell Tent in Makati. They went here to show who's the best in building a HardieMan home through various exercises and tasks of the HARDIEMAN CHALLENGE. Let's take a look!

There were about 12 teams who had to battle each other through skill challenges and I was so glad I didn't go through this bout with them. They had to put up walls, ceilings, floors using the same amount of equipment. But the first to finish isn't going to win this. They have different criteria to follow in order to be regarded as the best builder in the Philippines. Check out the leaderboards when I got there.

It was exciting seeing them all putting up the walls, floors and ceilings. But on the board there was also a part for the QUIZ. Imagine these brute men pushing pens. It tests not only their strengths, skills but of course their geniuses too!

They were also required to wear safety gears. You'd get disqualified if you won't wear them all. Then the action continued.

In the end, it was announced. Winners comprised of 1st place - Shuttershield, 2nd place - Cabico, 3rd place - Gentry, and some Special Awards were given to Best in Workmanship - Shuttershield, Best in Teamwork - Dreva, Best in Safety - Jonzlib’z, Best in James Hardie Knowledge - Shuttershield. I thought it was going to be CABICO because they were leading earlier but I guess the one who got the James Hardie questions right won it in the end! There were new stuff also introduced in the show. It's waterproof, fireproof and so easy to install. Make sure the next time you are building something, give James Hardie a call or visit local suppliers nationwide!

Congratulations to everyone who participated and I'm sure everyone will be back next year as they hold another HARDIEMAN CHALLENGE soon! 

For more information about the event

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