WWE’s “SummerSlam” now on Sky Cable Pay Per View!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

 It looks like the rain won't even stop this from happening! It's WWF Summerslam happening this morning 7AM LIVE with NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS on Sky Cable HD. Just subscribe in Standard or High Definition for only P350.00 and you can get to experience things like these and special shows on pay per view options on top of your regular bill. What's amazing is that you can get your friends and family along for the ride in your own homes. Sports bars are passe, and in this weather why not do it on your own TV screen more so if you already have HD in your living rooms.

Aside from that, this will have replays so if you miss the first showing the succeeding ones can be your best popcorn or beer partner. Watch he pays another shot on the championship contract through the "Money in the Bank" event  courtesy of  the one and only Paul Heyman. 

CM Punk will try and seek revenge from his former manager to prove that he is still the best in the world. He will be leaving inside the ring as he battles the beast Brock Lesnar in this match. Punk on the other hand will get his hands on former UFC and WWE champion Lesnar while Heyman laughs at him ringside.

Daniel Bryan on the other hand will be there to defend his WWE Championship with guest referee Triple H on this side. He was personally picked by former champ John Cena to face him so he could prove the world that he can beat him. I'm sure it won’t be easy because my favorite John Cena just by stats alone has beaten him already. Will he be a worthy opponent? Or will this be a one sided game?

Who knows! I better get one of these Sky Cable Pay per View shows so I could watch this all day, and all night! Call 3810000 for more details! CALL NOW!

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