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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's time! Don't worry about the rain because your afternoon will become a little HOT because this is the time I'll be releasing Taylor Lautner's photos from the press conference. I know most of you have been requesting this for the longest time and some even emailed me directly. I'd rather not have this on your individual Facebook pages, you might have to pay me for that. But if you are viewing this on my site it's always gonna be free. So without further ado, this is Taylor Lautner for BENCH... here we go!

This happened in one of the ballrooms of Makati Shangrila. There were only a few selected people from the press and the online industry that were invited to this special conference. Thanks to BENCH for hooking us up! Shown above is Ms. Sam Oh, she's interviewed a lot of celebrities before including Oppa Lee Min Ho and some other stars here and there. Then he walked in.

Some of the girls were in shock. I'm not surprised they didn't get to scream in the start but after that, it was like a concert in the room. One of the hottest guys in the planet was there, adored by millions of his fans.

There he was, Taylor Lautner. After introductions, they immediately started to ask him questions.

They asked Taylor about Manila and he was ecstatic. He was also happy to see the ones who went to the airport that early. He didn't expect that there would be so many fans waiting for him at that time.

He was asked about what his style was and he said "if it's not comfortable then it's not for me". He was so glad that the clothes from Bench was easy. He could still move around with it and everything fits perfectly. He only wears jeans and a tshirt most of the time so BENCH was just something that was like serendipity. Click the link below for more photos!

He also loves his character in the Twilight series. He owes a lot to that franchise and he says he's sad that it had to end. It was hard doing that role because he was so young and he had to bulk up a lot. He didn't do anything during the workouts but eat and load up then lift heavier weights the next day. It was painful he laments. The host even was mentioning his abs and arms and all those nice things about Jacob, so they were laughing a bit on this part of the program.

When asked about the stunts that he did on this shoot for Bench, he was glad that he had a hand in choosing his director and the creative people behind it. He was pleased that the global brand BENCH wanted his input. A feat that no other endorsement hasn't done in the past. Mr. Ben Chan actually was there and was only on the sidelines (because he didn't want to disturb the creative people) but Taylor kept on approaching him asking if each scene was okay. Taylor was truly down to earth, something you don't usually see in Hollywood stars of his caliber.

Taylor also talked about the dangerous stunts he did on his next movie called TRACERS and said he's got some more shown in this film. He's going to play a bike messenger who gets into Parkour. I've seen this done in military courses and urban spots where they jump, flip and run around smoothly over existing structures. I find this perfect for Taylor Lautner's athleticism. He sees this as an opportunity to do more challenging stunts.

He then said that “So much has been happening even after the whole Twilight series. It’s hard to believe sometimes. I couldn’t be more thankful.” a statement that literally melted the heart of people who were in the presscon.

Taylor Lautner bade goodbye and said thank you to everyone who went to the presscon. He also appeared in SM Supermalls the Sunday after his event in MOA Arena. It was an awesome experience for Taylor and the Filipino people. Thank you so much to BENCH for getting him as the newest global BENCHSETTER. I'm sure Filipinos and patrons of BENCH around the globe would be excited about him being seen in prints, stores and billboards because he's with the best lifestyle brand in the Philippines. 

I hope you get to see Taylor Lautner in a different light. He's a good guy. I'm so glad he's part of the BENCH family now.

Thank you to BENCH for letting us cover! Till next time!

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