Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok for Penshoppe Fancon 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

It was awesome awesome awesome! I couldn't be so happy to see them in the flesh! We were there to cover Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok's Fan Conference at the SM Mall of Asia. As you know we've been able to do this these past few years, and if Penshoppe throws an event like this, it's just massive! With Thai Superstar Mario Maurer and the gorgeous Biafern Pimchanok in the Philippines, you're sure to witness something good for the senses... I love these two!

But before that, the fans were treated to trivia games

These guys were so serious too because the prize alone was too good to be true, they were given personally autographed tees from Mario and Baifern. That was really sweet!

 Then they came in, and everyone went wild!

 I don't know where they get their skin but these guys look so flawless! Baifern looks like a smaller, thinner and prettier version of Jinri Park whilst Mario Maurer looks better in real life than in photos. He looks thin in my shots but he was quite a well built guy when we saw him there!

Cute as a button, Baifern and Mario took time to say hi to fans at the SM MOA Atrium. It was jam packed and even the higher floors were full of around 3-4 layers of people. It was epic!


Mario was so happy to see everyone again and talked about the experience of the fan conference and the stints he did for Penshoppe during Philippine Fashion Week. He loves the Filipino fans and he always wanted to bring his friends over. Well, this one's very special because Baifern is not just an ordinary friend as we all know hehe. We got to reminisce the movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" all over again.

Even the host wasn't spared by the charm of Mario Maurer, the host said she felt so kilig every time Mario looked at her while answering questions. She stopped during the interview on some occasions because they were talking about love, his ideal woman and how they felt with the fans in the Philippines. He was really good looking in person, we can't blame her! This is also the first time that Baifern went to the Philippines and she's loving it all so far. She even said she wants to go back and make projects here too.

Then we were treated to something good, I didn't know this but Baifern actually sings, and she's good too! (She sang something in Thai though).

Mario Maurer stood up too and held Baifern Pimchanok's hand. He actually danced the chacha too which was the rhythm of Baifern's song. They were really cute together!

Baifern was really gorgeous!

Then there was the portion where fans from Twitter were also chosen. They had a few quite interesting questions. I remember the one where they were asking for another Crazy Little Thing Called Love sequel. Mario said the truth though that they might but for now it was a little impossible because they both have very busy schedules.

They were even put on the spot when asked about the first time they fell in love. Mario played safe and answered his Mom haha!

A mini fashion show also happened, they gave these teens autographed shirts too! =)

Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok ended the show by thanking their fans for their support and of course endorsing Penshoppe. The brand has definitely been able to provide stylish and great clothes + jeans and accessories to the Filipino, more so their international clientele. There will be a lot more appearances by these two Thai superstars in the Philippines soon, thanks to Penshoppe for making them the best endorsers for Asia and the world!

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