On The Runway: SM Men's Fashion presents: Just Delivered Jeans!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Another day, another sizzling hot afternoon for bodies adorned in what we all love wearing when we go out, that's JUST DELIVERED JEANS from SM Men's Fashion. How can we not love a full fashion show with great Filipino, American, and Brazilian male models strutting the runway of SKY DOME in SM North Edsa! This is so good!

The show was hosted by gorgeous Bianca Valero whom we saw a few days ago during the Dole event. We didn't have time to chit chat though.

Then the boys came out. Here's Hideo Muraoka and Fabio Ide. Brapanese anyone?

They were all smiles and donned in jeans, denim jackets and denim shirts. I own a couple of pairs from SM and it was really a treat to see it worn like they do. SM Men's Fashion implicates that they have the basics and you just need to mix and match it with whatever you have existing in your closet, it's so nice no?

Then the other guys came in...

 Then someone so familiar to you guys came along too. Do you know this guy?

 Yes, that's Daniel Matsunaga. He's with Rafael Do Prado aka Rafa on this bit. For more photos click the link below!

Then he lights up the whole room with that. Rafa on the other hand walked quite dapper afterwards.

I saw some women passing out. Haha. Not really but almost!

I saw some pieces from brands like V+, Baleno, Code Blue, Tank, Markus and others that's also available in The SM Store. It's all in the Men's section so you wouldn't miss it. There were blue ones, colored ones and classics on the runway and you can still spot that on the racks of SM. Quite nice!

They had some really good looking models showing off colored jeans on the show. I have this exact same pants in my size. I wonder how many more pieces they have in the shelves. I probably would end up buying more pairs soon!

Hey lookie here! It's Robbie Becroft! I visit his blog robbieoffduty.com regularly. Read it too. =)

This good looking guy is ON DUTY wearing another colored pair of jeans. Pretty cool men are taking a gamble wearing something like this.

Been seeing this guy on most Bench shows. He's really nice too. That's Mark McMahon for you!

Key pieces: Shirts, Varsity Jackets, Colored Jeans, cool shoes and accessories.

Then after that fancy run, the show became hotter!

They came out and signified that the show was about to end. Clues from the host said that they'll be taking off their shirts, a feat that I haven't been doing in a long time haha.

On the last bit, Bianca Valero interviewed these hunks and asked about the jeans. She also got a little personal.

Now how's that to end the show? =) For an even hotter deal, SM Men's Fashion is actually having a promo. This will run the whole month of August. This is in celebration of Just Delivered Jeans's fourth year in business. They are giving shoppera P200 off their bill for purchases of regular-priced jeans worth P2,000. 100 lucky winners of SM Men's Fashion will also receive Gift Vouchers totalling P5,000. Now isn't that sweet?

Now I don't know what else could actually change your mind in getting one of these pants, shirts, jackets and everything else from SM Men's Fashion. You just gotta have it!

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