The Henry Hotel: Rica's Restaurant and The Scrapyard!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The other thing that's great about The Henry is it's own restaurant found at the ground floor. It's called Rica's. It's got the same themed interiors. It's got pieces here and there that I recognize in most interior design magazines and shops I frequent in Makati. So I kinda know their prices too LOL, these are not cheap pieces I tell you.

The restaurant also has whimsical choice of furniture. From super tall chairs and matching it's dining tables, to huge upholstered boss chairs, corner picnic tables, fabric chandeliers, bunker chairs, top hat light fixtures and walls made from lined up tree trunks right by the window, they've got it all in one place while you enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. They've got continental cuisine to a button plus some really nice choice of reds and whites. 

They provide free breakfast together with the room rates and you can choose between Filipino, American and Continental set meals. I loved what they prepared and it'll keep you thinking about it the whole day. Fresh ham, eggs, sausages plus toast with jam and butter. I don't think I have to convince you with that right? :))

If you prefer a night out but don't want to go to the streets of Cebu, fret not because The Henry Hotel has got one of the nicest spots for partying. This one's called The Scrapyard!

Too bad it was closed when we passed by because it was only lunch time. This place livens up at night and I've seen families, friends who went in and had a couple of drinks.Some were not even guests of the hotel per ce but they are here for the entertainment, food and booze that only The Scrapyard can offer. Give the place a visit the next time you are around the Cebu - Banilad area because this place is sweet!

The Henry Hotel Interiors

The Henry Hotel is special because of the artwork embedded on each corner of the lot. It's interiors are well enough to be a museum of it's own. The art installations, the graffiti on the wall plus the accent pieces they chose in each space is quite a delight to see. It reminds me of the contemporary art exhibition in Makati which was commissioned by the other Museums and Art Galleries in the metro. Just take a look at these!

Some of these art pieces above are for sale. Just ask and they can probably accommodate you, more so on days that they have exhibits and events on The Gallery. VisMin's artists usually set up shop here like the QUBE Gallery. It's Cebu's more "modern" venues for art and to date, they have hosted renowned artists from around the world!

I went to Cebu trying to find rest, an adventure and recreation for a few days. I think I found my place right here in The Henry Hotel. The place was perfect to host my needs both culturally and artistically. It made me see Cebu in a different light; if given the chance to go back I'd really love to get to know Cebu this way... The Henry was much of an interesting approach to modern living spaces and they have represented the province and the Philippines well. I hope foreigners and locals alike find a place so rich and beaming with an undying urge to promote art to the people. If you get the attention of Pinoys then you might have ultimately helped achieve the goal of the artists who did these pieces in the hotel. That's a great to start to my Cebu adventures! Gonna have to tell you about the FOOD and PLACES next! =)

Thank you for the lovely stay in your hotel The Henry! It really is a PLACE Like No Other!

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The Henry
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Phone    +63 32 520 8877/+639173050737


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