An Announcement From Zest Air Management

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Here's another travel advisory from Zest Air which I'm sure a LOT of travelers are waiting for.


So now I would really like to advise you guys to get in touch with Zest Air and find out what happened with your flight schedules. That's if they haven't called or texted you yet. If you have cancelled flights, I'm sure they are going to arrange one to replace yours. If not, you can probably ask them to put you in another one that would fit your schedule. Thank the ones above Zest Air and CAAP got this fixed, a lot of passengers probably have gotten off of their tour and hotel reservations. 

Start filling up THIS FORM so you can get in touch with them and the AIR ASIA team which owns Zest Air. 

Please visit their website for more details


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