Perfect For Rainy Days: MISOTEN Robinsons Magnolia!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ramen is ramen is ramen is ramen. I have never seen an opportune time to actually have a bowl and more than this perfect weather, whether it be raining like cats and dogs outside this is the perfect thing to have when the time calls for it. Heck I can even have this everyday. Ladies and gentlemen, this is MISOTEN in Robinsons Magnolia, found in Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City.

Warm up your senses first with this complimentary Barley tea that they're going to serve you at the start of your meal. You'll get to relax, have this and appreciate what's going to be served next. I wanted my Ramen fix but this one's a great start! Ready that ever for more!

For an appetizer, why not try their Tori Karaage. Soft inside, hot and super crispy outside. It's not salty, its got just the right amount of spice and it's perfect with the piping hot rice. I wanted more!

I always loved Miso based soups and this one hits the spot. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.. it gives you warmth and I like it more now because it's raining. I always order this with my Japanese meal because Miso has that earthy taste I look for in a broth. Good thing MISOTEN only does Miso based soups.

I LOVE their Ebi Tempura! I love their vegetable tempura too! It's served only right when you order it. You'll get it hot and so good as you dip them in Tempura sauce that's light and gingery. Definitely something to get and order when in MISOTEN. It's so good!

Fresh as fresh can be this bowl of Kani salad is just right for me. If you are watching your diet, this refreshing bowl of crab strips, mango, lettuce, cucumber and Japanese mayo is just divine! You get to see that this was carefully prepared by the chef. It was cold as it was supposed to be and not room temperature. A plus in my books.

To make it even better, this meal can also come with pot stickers/Gyoza. It's those wrapped poached then fried dumplings which I absolutely love! No need for sauces but you can always do that too. 

This one's the Seafood Tendon which comprises of an Ebi Tempura, Fish, Kani and everything else dipped in batter and Panko breading on top of hot steaming white rice. This is officially my Mom's favorite and I love it too because of its portions. It's tops because it doesn't need anything fancy. It's simple and totally worth it!

They obviously use real deal Japanese rice because as you can see these are very small grains. It was so good I had to have several servings of Gohan. Imagine how it felt when I saw this rice viand that had seasoning and spring onions with it. It was awesome! Then it was time for my favorite! This is the main dish! They call this the MISOTEN SPICY!

Miso based soup, Misoten noodles with slivers of soft "melts in your mouth" kind of pork belly meat, sesame seeds, spring onions, chili (but of course I added MORE!). Enough said! This is the deal breaker and I'm so looking forward having this again in the next few days! I'm telling you, if you love spicy broths THIS IS IT! No other ramen can beat this! If you are near Quezon City, Manila or San Juan... check out MISOTEN in Robinsons Magnolia. It's cozy, and has got some of the best Ramen bowls this side of town!

This is called "Excellent Set" and only costs P 450.00. There are other set meals available so don't hesitate to check out their menu. I suggest you go and visit the restaurant today. It's perfect for the rain, perfect for everyday too!

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