Zest Air Press Statement on CAAP Suspension Order

Monday, August 19, 2013

I don't know all this fuzz about Zest Air and their suspension but I think there's something wrong about CAAP suspending them abruptly when they have air worthy planes. I've been to an international flight without hitches in them so this is kind of confusing. True enough, Zest Air reputes all these accusations from CAAP and issued a statement. Here's the rest of it below:


I just hope they get to fix things and get a clear picture of what happened. Which ones were actually inspected, and failed to pass their standards. If ever they find out CAAP is wrongly doing this, maybe someone should pay the consequences. I know lives are at stake here, it's a good move that Zest Air took initiatives to better serve us and their riding public. Hope they take the skies soon!

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