Jessy Mendiola Stars As Philippine TV's Maria Mercedes!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jessy Mendiola has one of the most beautiful faces in the entertainment industry. I've seen her a couple of times. Her past projects all have made her who she is in ABSCBN. A gorgeous lass who's been in one or more relationships in the past, she's someone admirable, beautiful, vulnerable, feisty and now she plays someone who's got all that in one character... the iconic Maria Mercedes.

If you were born in the 90's you probably haven't seen the phenomenal Thalia who plated the role of Maria Mercedes back then. Yes, she's the same actress and singer who portrayed Marimar. It was a humongous hit and people were going crazy when some of the case members and Thalia herself went here for a few days to perform and have a concert. That's a long story, but really I can still remember the whole plot because in a nutshell... if you love Thalia in one program, you would probably love her on other ones too.

There were antagonists and love interests on that particular story, but what would it feel like if they were all portrayed by Filipinos? Would it have impact? Would it even match the former show's performance? We wouldn't know. But just by looking at Nikki Gil, Jake Cuenca, Jason Abalos and her... the combination is just frightening. In a good way that is.

They were a little bit nervous when they sat down as they've probably not been able to experience a blog conference (aside from veteran Jake Cuenca of course!). But they've pretty much gotten the hang of it after a while. Jessy is going to play it big this time since she's in the starring role. She definitely has the body for it to begin with. Plus, have you guys heard her sing? Watch this!

As you may have seen, she's hot! She also talked to Thalia and she even gave her blessing to play this role. She's got a past that anyone would probably despise. She's not well off, she works hard everyday to make a living. Then these guys suddenly fall in love with her. Reel or real life with Jake Cuenca too perhaps? Well, for the record... he did categorically admit courting Jessy Mendiola. Who knows what will happen as they will come even MORE close while shooting this series.

And here's a part of the blog con where they also sang the Maria Mercedes song, this one's hilarious!

I really love the short answers of Nikki Gil in playing this part. She says she's so happy that she won't be playing a poor antagonist because this time she'll be wearing expensive clothes and stay in air conditioned rooms most of the time. She's not afraid of people hating her, she laments Pinoys are really smart viewers already and they can decipher real from reel. When asked about Billy Crawford, she thanked everyone because of giving her the time and space she needed to recover. It was hard but she assures her fans that she has definitely moved on already.

Jason Abalos is already happy and still in love. Although he's with someone non showbiz, he won't trade it with anything else in this world. I know that might have broken some hearts in the process but ladies, he's already taken.

For what it's worth, this project is definitely something to watch out for. Let's all take time out from our busy day and take a moment to see if Jessy portrays Maria Mercedes like what she was in the Spanish telenovela. Let's also see how they would make this a more Filipino version and what changes they have to make to get you hooked on ABSCBN. Congratulations to the cast, crew and to the Director! I hope your show racks up ratings as what ABS CBN can only deliver!

It will be shown soon so mark that on your calendars. You'll see more clips to love her on the Kapamilya network on when this will happen. Make sure you do!

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Feel Ultra Luxurious at Sofitel Manila's Le Spa

Friday, September 27, 2013

To continue my epic Sofitel Manila stay, I decided to put the piece de resistance of my stay in a separate article, because I feel it truly deserves it. I'm sure you'll love this in so many ways. Just the mention of Le Spa probably tipped you off, so let's go with that first. 

Now most of my closest friends know that I NEVER go to spas, nor do I actually do massages because I feel violated LOL. Funny as that may seem, I really am not comfortable with it other than my Dad massaging me when I don't feel well. Le Spa had me really going because just as I arrive at their facility inside Sofitel Manila, the mood was calm, collected and inviting. It was like I was in a Zen garden without the fancy shmancy rocks and sand. It had a more French vibe to it, yet presents a more Filipino approach to massage. I'm no expert in the massage department but I know they've got pretty good taste. Let's take a look at their facility shall we?

Upon arrival, they let us choose our treatment and the corresponding massages that would go well with that. They have a list of things that could better understand your current state, and some information that would help them understand how to make this experience in Le Spa memorable for you. They check on your health and see how you declare how well you've been before this massage happens. 

Le Spa also caters to your senses as they let you choose what particular song would appeal to you. They've got a wide array of music and it's all good. I chose the New Age tunes which my Mom had no clue about. She's also with me during this stay by the way because I felt she deserved to get away from our stressful house every once in a while. Ha!

Le Spa has this gorgeous place to wait on. Their taste in interiors say a lot about them. Soft comfy lounging + zen fountains + soft lights, it was really good to set the mood. I liked the time we arrived there too because there wasn't too many people. You should definitely have this on your stay. They also had us drinking something special.

Served us Ginger Tea. It wasn't too strong, but it was hot. You get a sting in the throat because it's a little spicy. I think that's where it's effect comes into play. Singers would dig this, and so did I.. I bet I'd give those crooners on TV a real tough competitor haha!

Then we proceeded to our room.

We were asked to put on robes and towels then just ring the zen bells so the masseurs would come in. They were all skilled, I did ask for a hard massage. I walk around almost all day so when they were massaging my calves, I almost screamed/swore about how good it was. Arghhh.. they found my weak spot LOL. I felt it was the best thing to do on that part of the body at that right time. Above all else, it was really relaxing and I'd really want to go back and enjoy it for a few hours (but I knew the tub was inviting!) so I had to do that later on as well. 

They also did the facial service I missed during the launch of THÉMAÉ, and boy that had me so freshened up I almost had myself for salad =D.

The tea ingredients felt and smelled right for my face. I really felt a difference right afterwards. My pores were smaller, I felt cleaner, and it was smoother than the last time I checked my skin that day. So this is how it feels on my skin, I'd really want another round of that treatment soon. THÉMAÉ just did its job, and it was awesome! The tub was also in the room!

You can probably rinse out after your massage, or settle for a hot bubbly bath right after.

Here are their other services/signature massages over at Le Spa

Original Beauty Facial by Themae (1 hour 30 minutes)
Hilot Secret (1 hour 30 minutes)
WORLD'S BEST: After Shopping Massage (1 hour)
Hotstone Rolling (1 hour 30 minutes)
Marrakech Sweetness (1 hour)
Slimming Ceremony (1 hour 30 minutes)
Siam Energy (1 hour)

Sofitel Le Spa was really one thing that I should have done the last time I went to Sofitel Manila, I'm glad I was able to do it now. It's the first time I was able to get a massage from strangers, but their people let me feel I was at home. They made me feel like royalty. I had reservations in the beginning but now, I'd wish to do this everyday. It can be addicting, the good kind of addiction that is. It's one way of truly rewarding yourself after years of working hard for the money. I must say, it's worth every penny!

To book one of their Rooms, Signature Massages or THÉMAÉ Facials please do go to, they've got everything there! Check out why they've been hailed as one the world’s 50 best spas by Luxury Travel and Style Mag, plus take a shot of the Jardin D’Eden room which is highly recommended if you want a more high end-intimate experience!

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The Promise Of Good Health

Thursday, September 26, 2013

One of the world's most hated subject to talk about (in my case) is health. I don't know if I'm still in denial. Honestly, I've been contemplating to let people know how I've been doing since I've pretty much hit it all. I've got weight problems to deal with, high blood pressure plus my sugar readings are off the chart. I won't tell you the specifics... but in a nutshell, no matter how much people tell me I still look good... the reality is; I have all these things to worry about.

Then, lo and behold I got a reality check last week. My Dad was rushed to the hospital and got initially checked for Pneumonia since he couldn't breathe. A few days later, he still wasn't feeling any good. He's taken antibiotics, inhaled pascals of steam yet he felt very weak and still couldn't breath when he lied down. Doctors say it could be his heart (which later on we found out was true; "Enlargement of the heart"); not to be a grinch but it does run in the family. My grandma, grandpa, my uncles, my aunts all seem to have the same issues. It dawned on me that I'm the next one to eventually have it. The overeating, high blood pressure from stress and everything I'm eating, blood sugar count that's off the chart thanks to my sweet tooth, and pretty soon I'd probably have heart problems too (which I really hope doesn't happen). I'm in dire need of help and I've got to act now before it's too late.

Saw an ad of Circulan on TV a few days ago and from what I've heard from my friends and relatives who tried it, they say it's the best thing I should do for myself since I'm already stressing about how to live a healthier lifestyle. I'm a skeptic of course and asked them how would a pill could actually make me feel better? I researched a bit and found out about how Circulan Promises Good Health. Mind you, saying that alone is a tall order to promise; but in order for me to quash my skepticism I had to know what's inside a single pill that can make me healthy. They named 4 and they are Hawthorn Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Garlic Oil, Lemon Balm.

Hawthorn Berry has extracts that are beneficial for the betterment of your circulatory system. There are studies indicating it's effective in treating angina, high blood pressure, and prevent congestive heart failure. It's been used widely in the European region and has always been regarded as a safe and effective treatment for the early stages of heart disease. I might as well try it. I've seen Gingko Biloba trees in South Korea a few years ago and my friends say it's perfect for the skin and “signs of aging” since it's one of the best source of anti-oxidants. It's also good for memory and your overall psyche, something that could definitely be healthy in your heart and mind. Garlic oil has been used for ages. Its anti-bacterial properties is pretty much good for everything. It also makes your blood pressure better and improve its circulation by taking out clogging fat inside the heart. The Greeks on the other hand has been using Lemon balm for thousands of years. It also is effective against high blood pressure and studies have shown that it also makes you smart. All of these benefits in one pill like Circulan. Now who in the right mind would say no to that?!

This just gives me a lot of reason to believe that I can still do it. I can make my lifestyle a whole lot better because aside from a change in diet, healthy exercise and a promising outlook; Circulan can definitely help me achieve a FULL life. I could stay in this world longer, better, stronger and I have to make sure to follow my friends, relatives and doctor's advice to make things simple... if I couldn't help myself in genetics, the fighting chance can be in a form of a 4 in 1 pill. I am so glad that Ciculan Promises me, and YOU… Good Health.

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Vikings: Premiers September 29 at History Channel Asia

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I was so happy to have been able to see another talked about series ahead of the rest of Asia called VIKINGS. It's on its second season and has been able to amass its own following in the US, Europe and now Asia. It's also going to be shown on HISTORY channel which I'm so lucky about because I have it at home. You should definitely watch it on HD because it's totally worth it!

Here's a sneak peek at season II

(Video credits owned by History Channel on Youtube)

Imagine men, who promised to be brothers then went on a journey to the other end of the world. Claimed land and got victorious on different battles, but in the end met each other in different sides of the fence; end up wanting to kill each other through rough, mud and ocean water indulged brute war. It was awesome to watch the first few episodes and you'll surely get hooked seeing the twists and turns on Season II. You'll miss your Norse mythological characters all over again plus see some things more than skin, the act itself and some other unexpected scenes you would have to keep away from kids.

I highly suggest you start season 2 sitting down and concentrating on how to understand the story because even a skeptic like me really LOVED it! You will also have that time to see how honorable Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) is in the series. Plus (during the event), we even got cool stuff from the History channel too!

Vikings will be shown on HISTORY CHANNEL ASIA come September 29. It's a little late than in North America but as long as it's here I WILL PROMISE TO WATCH IT. Even if they say I'm a pagan after the show hehe. Oh and before I forget, they will be giving away a HARLEY DAVIDSON bike if you watch it on Sunday at 10PM. Just look out for the CODE WORD and enter it on Who knows, it could be you who'll win this! =)

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Bench Scents: Isabelle Daza's Ritual and Univers!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I love runway and I love scents. It's the perfect marriage if you ask me. Bench always has the good stuff and this event was no different. They just recently launched a new eau de toilette and body spray designed and inspired by the one and only Isabelle Daza. It's about time if you ask me. She's darn gorgeous and of course she takes a gene or more from Mom who won Ms. Universe right? Let's see what transpired that evening at the Trinoma Activity Center.

The stage was set! They built their own Mom and Pop shop right in the center and it was reminiscent of Soda counters in the 1960's but it was nothing old. The theme was just right. It was classic and judging from the smell I got in the sample bottles they got me, it's fit to be used by Men and Women. How can you go wrong with that?

Pretty "swing" dance numbers came after. Then we saw the star of the evening, it's Isabelle Daza!

Then she bade goodbye and made way for a short fashion show featuring Bench's (still) summer collection and a whole lot of body spritzers for the audience. Fashion with a scent, why not!

Easy going, light and colorful fabrics with prints and different patterns. It can work even on rainy days! Who says you have to be gloomy and dark on this weather?

Then the men came in and proved my point =)

Ritual Deo Cologne is for those who love something light and fresh. It's grassy, cedar and flowery undertones that is not too girly gives it a spot on the more "unisex" sector because it can be easily worn by men. The UNIVERS bottle on the other hand plays a more dreamy, flowery and woodsy notes that can also work both men and women. Isabelle had a hand designing these two fragrances because she thought of something that can be totally attractive to both sexes. It's something that can't be contained in one's sexual orientation. It can be the perfect gift for your partner or just for personal use everyday without smelling too strong or too girly when that time comes you get smelled by other people. Admit it, they do!

Friends, relatives, executives from Suyen Corporation, Ben Chan himself and Isabelle Daza's supporters were all in attendance. They got hold of what Isabelle wants in a perfume during the show. Our own Ms. Universe Ms. Gloria Diaz was also in front to see her daughter and Bench celebrate her new fragrance!

Spotted my crush Jasmine Maierhoffer too! ^_^ hihi!

Then Isabelle Daza was given a bouquet of flowers by her Mom and of course Mr. Ben Chan.

Congratulations Ms Isabelle Daza for becoming Bench's latest Scent endorser! Rush over to Bench Lifestyle stores to get hold of Ritual and UNIVERS to experience how it is to have the smell that Isabelle loves in spray cans and bottles. I wore it today and I smell so nice that my friends ask me about it. It's time to fulfill your fantasies by having one now! It's about time!

(photo from Bench Facebook Page and not mine)

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