I've Got Dole In My Home, How About You?! =)

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Right after a vacation, I told myself a ton of times to eat healthy but I always end up getting junk food on the forefront of my snacks. That's really sad. Good thing Dole came to my home and got me the freshest, sweetest fruits in cans, containers and fruit cups!

Dole Pineapple Chunks landed on my salad. I don't really dig plain old leaves on my bowl so I sweeten it up with this awesome pieces of pineapple which doesn't make my stomach ache even if eaten early in the morning. I find it less acidic and better if consumed throughout the day as a snack. 

Dole's Tropical Fruit Cocktail looks good here, but even better inside the can. Aside from your favorite pineapple, they've got other fruits included in it PLUS TONS OF CHERRIES which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. They make it a point that you enjoy those tiny bits of fruit goodness that will provide you your daily allowance of Vitamin C and more! Whip up 2 dollops of cream and it's an instant fruit salad where kids and adults would love after a meal! What's your favorite recipe? Mine even has lots of cheese on it no joke!

Dole's Diced Peaches is perfect when you want something cold. Just pop it in the refrigerator and wait for a few minutes, take it out and enjoy these small squares by opening the lid and spoon it up! It's sweet and quite nice to have after a workout. 80 of good calories isn't that bad on your diet! Your doctor might even recommend this too!

Get a lighter way of enjoying your Sliced Peaches with this version in Light Syrup. Less the sugar content of the original fruit cans. It's even better to carry around and share with your peers at work who'd want to get a piece or two on your jar too. There's plenty more of where this came from!

For pasta lovers, it's now easy to get a bowl or two ready for your meal. Grab one of these NEW Dole Spaghetti Sauces that's available in Filipino, Italian and Sweet Style variants. There's one for everyone! I boiled half a kilo for a pack of these and it was GOOD! You don't have to spend so much either! Really cool!

Make sure there's DOLE in your home so you can enjoy a healthier alternative to snacks and enjoy REAL fruit goodness in every can, cup or container. It shouldn't be that hard to find these on your favorite groceries nationwide! =) Plus they've got really good looking endorsers too!

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