The PEDRO Fall/Winter Collection 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I've been following this brand for quite some time now. Believe me, I've been looking on their shelves a lot and only manage to purchase one pair which I've been able to keep on my closet for a long time. I treasure it a lot; and I've been so blessed lately that I got to cover their Fall-Winter show last week. I've been drooling on the pieces they showed on the runway since then. I have got to get this out and tell you more about the brand PEDRO. They've got one of the most sophisticated lines of Men's and Women's Footwear plus an undoubtedly world class collection of Accessories. This season, they've got it all out in the open and gave Tim Gunn a new meaning on how to "Make it Work!"

There were celebrities of course like famed DJ Mia Ayesa, Male Supermodels and Benchsetters Vince Ferraren and Anthony Semerad, the one and only Ms. Kuh Ledesma and Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez whom I wasn't able to get a photo T_T. Suyen Corporation Executives were there too. Then they started the show!

Of course they had to show the Fall/Winter collection. I'm seeing stripes, relaxed cardigans, coats and oh so awesome shoes! Can I have all of these in size 12? =)

You can me smart casual, suited up, or wearing shorts, just as long as you have PEDRO in your wardrobe and shoes, you can't go wrong!

Cool and comfy coats, sweaters, crisp white shirt won't look bad with classic boat shoes that PEDRO has. It's fun, easy to wear and quite a lot of fun. Nothing fancy, but really stayed classy.

A combo of jeans, cardigan and jackets don't matter too as long as you have suede or faux leather shoes in different colors to match.

Don't be afraid of earth tones because it will only make your assets pop. If you are fair it will be even way better since it'll be cooler to the eyes. Don't be afraid to wear something urban, something of color and texture too!

Then it was time for the gorgeous ladies!

This time they went for intense colors, clean lines and shoes of different heights. Key pieces here are the skirt, the dress and the small clutch. It's way pretty!

Form fitting but still clean lines. I love what the model on the left is wearing. She's Elite Manila's Luane Pasinatto. Pretty no? It reminds me of ladies partying on a yacht; or something to that effect.

Key pieces: The blazer and this awesome print on the pants. It's urban yet they mix and match patters and fabrics. That looks awesome in my books!

I like the fancy shoes! =) Real men wear Fuchsia Pink laces! LOL This is so much fun!

Just by looking at it, they are executing their theme for this season. It's what they call URBAN MODERNISM. We've got layers, textures and colors but mostly on the earth tones. Even if they are structured they still have different fabrics in them so the feel is totally unconventional.

For those who crave for sophisticated independence and want to still exude the feminine silhouette, you can suit up with PEDRO and play along with their blue, green, red and black palettes. Their edgy stilletto pumps that are intricately accessorized and embelished with metals, stones, fabric can ultimately spell your look for this coming season. Bags, clutches that would look so perfect with your outfit are also gonna be out soon.

Men on the other hand need not despair. The versatility and character of the classic browns, maroons, deep blue, cool greys, purple, green and orange hues would be your muse if you want to find balance, sleekness and cleaner lines which is a must this holiday season. Enjoy PEDRO's quality stitching on all their classy footwear and a throng of stylish briefcases studded in metal hardware that puts you on top in the style department. The brand managed to pull it off in this Fall-Winter collection and I've never been so proud I got to witness that first hand on this show. Now it's your turn to impress, so be a nice chap and visit PEDRO stores near you! After all, you deserve to be the man and woman who embodies urban modernism at its finest!

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