GMA's Sunday Afternoon Game Changer: DORMITORYO

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We had the chance to meet the cast of DORMITORYO yesterday and boy it was awesome! I don't want to say something fake and tell you I know all of them but I am so glad of the efforts of GMA Artist Center because they're bringing out their best talents and letting them engage people like us in Social Media. That afternoon was light and the cast had all smiles with them because they'll be starring in this suspense-horror-romance filled program which will air right after Sunday All Stars. It's a huge task for them to take but they are quite confident that they will be able to keep regular viewers glued to their seat because this project is so different, and never have been done in Philippine TV in the afternoon slot.

Nevertheless we had so much fun listening to their own ghost stories as they probably had one like the rest of us. Even their tapings were infested with mysterious things that they were also creeped out about. Their Director Jun Lana is one of the best in the industry and they have been able to work with him already for quite some time now. They've got nothing but good things to say to him and how he manages the project in its entirety. They also in turn learn a lot with Direk Jun because he is so meticulous, that he even gives time to tell the story and the graphics that will go with it. They too are not given the whole script yet so they would be staying on top of their toes every week, they in turn will feel what the audience will be seeing as it shows this coming weekend.

Here's an excerpt of the part of the conference when I asked them "Will you feel bad if you were killed early in the story? If you were going to die on the project, how would you want to do it?"

Congratulations to Lauren Young, Joyce Ching, Enzo Pineda, Ruru Madrid, Annicka Dolonius and Asleigh Nordstrom. I'm sure this will be a hit. Just hold on to your horses and make each part of the story interesting, I'm sure you'll stay on air for a long time if this becomes a phenomenon in GMA's afternoon block.

Thank you also to their sponsors ASYA Filipino-Asian Restaurant (Centris Edsa) and JELLYBEAN for the great stuff they provided for us that afternoon.

Thank you also to my preferred headset, earplugs and earphone maker URBANEARS! Ooh I LOVE THIS! They are available in all leading accessory and gadget stores, and major malls nationwide!

Thank you also to GMA Artist Center who continue to let us talk to their artists before their shows come out. I wish DORMITORYO fulfills their goal of bringing something different to Filipino viewers here and around the world!

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