Jessy Mendiola Stars As Philippine TV's Maria Mercedes!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jessy Mendiola has one of the most beautiful faces in the entertainment industry. I've seen her a couple of times. Her past projects all have made her who she is in ABSCBN. A gorgeous lass who's been in one or more relationships in the past, she's someone admirable, beautiful, vulnerable, feisty and now she plays someone who's got all that in one character... the iconic Maria Mercedes.

If you were born in the 90's you probably haven't seen the phenomenal Thalia who plated the role of Maria Mercedes back then. Yes, she's the same actress and singer who portrayed Marimar. It was a humongous hit and people were going crazy when some of the case members and Thalia herself went here for a few days to perform and have a concert. That's a long story, but really I can still remember the whole plot because in a nutshell... if you love Thalia in one program, you would probably love her on other ones too.

There were antagonists and love interests on that particular story, but what would it feel like if they were all portrayed by Filipinos? Would it have impact? Would it even match the former show's performance? We wouldn't know. But just by looking at Nikki Gil, Jake Cuenca, Jason Abalos and her... the combination is just frightening. In a good way that is.

They were a little bit nervous when they sat down as they've probably not been able to experience a blog conference (aside from veteran Jake Cuenca of course!). But they've pretty much gotten the hang of it after a while. Jessy is going to play it big this time since she's in the starring role. She definitely has the body for it to begin with. Plus, have you guys heard her sing? Watch this!

As you may have seen, she's hot! She also talked to Thalia and she even gave her blessing to play this role. She's got a past that anyone would probably despise. She's not well off, she works hard everyday to make a living. Then these guys suddenly fall in love with her. Reel or real life with Jake Cuenca too perhaps? Well, for the record... he did categorically admit courting Jessy Mendiola. Who knows what will happen as they will come even MORE close while shooting this series.

And here's a part of the blog con where they also sang the Maria Mercedes song, this one's hilarious!

I really love the short answers of Nikki Gil in playing this part. She says she's so happy that she won't be playing a poor antagonist because this time she'll be wearing expensive clothes and stay in air conditioned rooms most of the time. She's not afraid of people hating her, she laments Pinoys are really smart viewers already and they can decipher real from reel. When asked about Billy Crawford, she thanked everyone because of giving her the time and space she needed to recover. It was hard but she assures her fans that she has definitely moved on already.

Jason Abalos is already happy and still in love. Although he's with someone non showbiz, he won't trade it with anything else in this world. I know that might have broken some hearts in the process but ladies, he's already taken.

For what it's worth, this project is definitely something to watch out for. Let's all take time out from our busy day and take a moment to see if Jessy portrays Maria Mercedes like what she was in the Spanish telenovela. Let's also see how they would make this a more Filipino version and what changes they have to make to get you hooked on ABSCBN. Congratulations to the cast, crew and to the Director! I hope your show racks up ratings as what ABS CBN can only deliver!

It will be shown soon so mark that on your calendars. You'll see more clips to love her on the Kapamilya network on when this will happen. Make sure you do!

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