The New Nokia Lumia 625 With Amazing 4G Speed!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Nokia Philippines invited us over to see what they had in store for the Filipinos this quarter. As you may have seen a couple of months ago, they launched the one and only Nokia Lumia 625 and the good news is it's here! Yeap you heard that right, the Nokia Lumia 625 finally landed on Philippine shores and it's here to give you and I a better alternative to clearer, crisp videos without fear or prejudice in providing a 480x800 sized 199ppi density screen. I must say it has so many things that Filipinos would really love right from the get go. I love to take home the one I was playing around with but I'm sure this will be available on all carriers in a very affordable plan. Mr. Karel Holub, the General Manager of Nokia Philippines introduced to us this 4.7 inch wonder.

The Nokia Lumia 625 is the most affordable LTE phone in their line. This isn't sold quite largely yet in the country but the promise is to have this be available for the ordinary Juan. They are pricing this quite fair at an RRP of 13,200 pesos. It's one of the most capable phones they have that will mark quality on the areas of  music, videos, imaging and even navigation. This is also going to hold a revolutionary camera engine that can also shoot pure motion HD; plus will also be capable of wireless charging that is unprecedented on other smart phones. This handset also has HERE maps pre-installed which is like augmented reality if you use it in real time. You can even see the location of your friends on it's prime time, which acts more like that dragon radar you used to see in the Dragon Ball series.

 We also tried them out that afternoon together with other media practitioners and it's quite surprising to note that this Window 8 powered phone only requires around 119 MB of RAM to run smoothly. If you choose an upgraded version of it via Windows Phone 8 Amber, it will run around 212 MB on a good day. Isn't that amazing? 

While other phones still use wireless G IEEE standards, this one uses BG and N plus, it can also act like a hotspot for your cheap friends who don't have a data plan LOL. Maybe in the near future, Nokia will adapt to AC standards too. Why not?

 Mike Smith, the Product Manager of Nokia Philippines says that they used to have 7,000 apps initially on the Windows Store. Today, they are now up to 175,000 and steadily increasing in useful and worthwhile apps. This is what they were gunning for in the beginning and it's such an awesome treat to see that developers have taken interest in the phones and OS that runs it.

The most important factor in choosing a phone for Filipinos by the way is "Battery Life" as their survey says. So Nokia again will step up the bat and say that this Nokia Lumia 625 has the perfect Li-Ion 2000 mAh Battery to come with it. It's going to last 552 hours of stand by time, 24 h (on 2G) or 15 h 10 min (on 3G) talk time and a whopping  90 hours of music play. I don't think the nice phones you have can match that.

For what it's worth, I'd really love to have this one soon. How about you? Don't you think it's time to have a Nokia? =)

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