Experience History at Manila Hotel's Red Masquerade Ball

Monday, October 28, 2013

I've only been in Manila Hotel twice. One was when I was a kid; and two was just a few weeks ago when they celebrated their 101st Anniversary. They chose the Maynila Grand Ballroom and I only felt quite nostalgic when I got inside this almost 40's pseudo American war era vibe that they were gunning for. I felt right in that time... that I was really there; complete with the same people who probably existed then. I felt so grateful I got to experience this complete with a ballroom full of people enjoying the music of that age and to stay in Manila Hotel with some of Manila's famed bloggers was definitely a plus. 

Spirited, strong and stylish... we donned ourselves with the theme of that evening. We all wore RED here and there and it was fun doing that with a bunch of influencers. I felt right at home.

There was a live band right front and center providing some of the well loved classics that the lounge singer also adored. I danced quite a bit in the past and ballroom was definitely my forte. I was acting like I didn't know how to so I wouldn't be forced to dance in front of the others. But yes, I still did dance after a few chinks of wine.

I guess this thing that I'm seeing was Manila Hotel's charm. I often ask myself "if only these walls could talk"... there must have been hundreds of stories and real history made in this establishment that they have only witnessed, endured and made part of.

A short note saying "Shall we dance?" was a deal breaker for most of the people in my table. I stood up and had fun with their in house dance instructors. They were pretty good at it too. They adjust accordingly to their partners and I've seen dance sport level routines on the floor, if you want to get risky they have that as well.

Food was awesome and service was just right. I had tons of those Quail eggs and chicken sate which is part of the Manila Hotel Sampler. You should get that and their signature drinks.

But I've never seen such a spirited blogger and dancer like my friend Rod Magaru. Eventually, the dance instructor gave up because she was tired after a couple of dance exhibitions with Rod hahaha joke! =)

Paul of PaulThePRGuy also gave it a go. He did quite good, I think he'd pass for a model than a dancer though.. peace Paul! Hehe

We surely had so much fun and almost had to call it a night but that wasn't the end of it. It's going to be a bigger and better evening by marching off the TAP ROOM which is just a few doors nearby.

They've got really great booze on this joint and would probably appeal for the yuppies. The place is also friendly to smokers, plus it's cozy for a group with friends who just want to have a good time. There are single ladies too, so you don't really need a date haha.

Plus they've got REALLY GREAT entertainment with the help of this live band where we had so much fun singing the tunes with. A few expats frequent the place and even though its raining WE WERE PACKED! The band also agreed to sing a few more songs even after their set because we had to request for an encore!

For reservations (if you want to reserve tables in Tap Room) call 527-0011 local 1328 or if you want to reserve a table or two to join the ball next month (Slated November 17th if I'm not mistaken) please call 527-0011 and have your historical and iconic fix in Manila Hotel. Check out Cafe Ilang Ilang too if you plan to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in this hotel. Experience historic Manila the way our heroes lived in the past, stay at the Manila Hotel and get experience it unfold right before your eyes.

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