Classic Industrial Designed Watches by SEVENFRIDAY

Friday, October 11, 2013

Our wine glasses were filled and everyone was in a very festive mood when the launch for SevenFriday happened in BGC a few days ago. This brand is rarely new if compared with the others but it has well made it's mark into the international market because of impeccable craftsmanship that the Swiss is known for.

It's the first time that this brand has set foot in Manila and I've seen some of their pieces on display. Men would love something like this. First, it ain't too glittery from diamonds or precious stones. I love the exposed machinery as well, what am I talking about you say? Take a look at these timepieces!

Now with time pieces like these, I'm sure you're kinda off put with the fact that it doesn't look old. I think it's more intended for young professionals who have quite achieved something in life and would want to have it be as a reward for himself. I can't blame why collectors have picked up these watches already because it's really classy. The materials vary on each one and you can tell artisans have spent a lot of time making it.

You can even see how precious the details are when you check the one on the left. It's got a case made of stainless steel, a vertical brushed finish, you can choose between Silver / rhodium and black interior that's finished circular, brushed and diamond cut on 11 applied parts. It also has a separate disc for 24H indication and second functions.

Other pieces are extremely special like this one that's got WOOD parts on it. This is no joke. On the contrary I've never seen anything like it. This definitely solves that problem of making a modern designed timepiece a classic and timeless one. I can imagine this being handed over to the next generation. Impressive and I can't wait until major stores, malls and their own properties come out with even better designs in the future. It's surely something to enjoy because it'll make your everyday a FRIDAY... who doesn't want to enjoy life anyway!

Thanks to the executives of SevenFriday and the gorgeous ladies over at Wine Story in BGC for letting us have a good time, literally and figuratively. I'd like to have one of these pieces soon!

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