WICKEDMOUTH: Unang Putok Out On Stores 11-12-13

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If you don't have this book... you'll be sorry.
If you don't have this book... you might lose your virginity.
If you don't have this book... you will not be happy.
If you don't have this book... these people will kill you.

Mots is the artist of famed blog http://motsmots.blogspot.com/ and his work is impeccable. He's an educator and pretty much have done it all. Just check his site and see his work. I tell you, it's really good. You know he takes time to make each of his illustrations into a work of art.

Glentot (I call him Glennglenn) is the masterba... mind and write of humor blog Wickedmouth.com. You will laugh at the little things he'll say in each story. This new author is promising and I'm telling you, you will miss half your life if you don't get this book. It may sound cliche but I'm not joking. :P


If you love the blog, you'll even LOVE the book. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

I've already read it through advanced copies, I felt silly laughing alone while reading it through traffic. I practically finished it in one day and now have a very sick way of looking at life. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is LIFE CHANGING lol...

So hold on to your seats and take the risk. Buy one on 11-12-13 (November 12, 2013) in leading bookstores and National Bookstore branches nationwide! If it's not there, please bring your machete to the store and threaten the sales lady. If they don't have it, demand for it! Totally a steal because it doesn't cost much.WICKEDMOUTH: Unang Putok! Need I say more?

For more details, please take precaution and check his website for details



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