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Monday, October 21, 2013

Small and medium enterprises comprise the majority of businesses in the country. The eve of technology not only requires them to have online channels in order to survive, but they have no choice. Consumers now are on these avenues and if the market calls for it, they need to follow suit.

Ryan feels left out LOL

If you don't do it... you'll feel left out. No website, no online transactions means no sufficient income. If that is the case, your business will suffer, no one will buy your goods and services. Now what will an ordinary businessman do when he doesn't have knowledge on how to put up a website of his own? He can hire magicians, clowns, fire breathing men throwing spears at each other... or maybe hire freelance web designers but in a year or two he probably won't be able to find him ever again if you want changes to your site. What would you do?

The answer...

WebsiteExpress.Biz! This kiosk we found on the ground floor of Shangri-la Edsa Mall (in front of Sun Cellular/Globe Shops) looks quite bare but it packs a punch! Just drop by and ask about it. Grab menus from your restaurant, the list of products on your shop and the amount of workforce you have in your personnel. Hand it over to the WebsiteExpress.Biz people and expect a true blue mockup in as little as two hours. That's just the tip of the iceberg because if you want customized services on your website, they can do that in a jiffy. Now, there's no need for businessmen to learn HTML codes, PHP or arrays... just tell them how you want it and they can build an even better one if you avail their packages. No need to worry about hosting, codes or joomla because they'll provide you with everything you need to manage your site quite easy.

Now that answers your question. Don't hesitate because with them you've got a team of programmers and web developers on stand by 24/7 providing world class services so you won't have any hitches if the time comes that your customers have to access your websites. They're all responsive too so any mobile device can see your site the way it should. Isn't that perfect?

If you want to check out their latest works, just visit their official website

Click on the samples and see how it's already got so much impact on other businesses. What does it have to take to get ahead? You've got to go online, and THEY make it easy. That's it pansit! =P

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