Marian Rivera, Aiai Delas Alas in Kung Fu Divas: Showing October 2!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Two bankable stars from different stations one day wondered, what if they were given the opportunity to work with each other? Of course I'm talking about Ms. Aiai Delas Alas and Marian Rivera! I was there a few weeks ago to see a glimpse of Star Cinema, Reality Entertainment and The O&Co's offering called Kung Fu Divas. This is part of Star Cinema's celebration of their 20th anniversary and by golly I can't believe Marian is here. This would have been impossible in the past but since she's gone ahead and produced this as well, it'll surely be something to look forward too.

To tell you honestly we were already laughing due to the antics of Ms. Aiai Delas Alas when they entered the room. I couldn't quite concentrate because I was laughing profusely at her story where she didn't feel so special because there wasn't catering services when they were making films before. But when Marian Rivera came into the picture, they had it almost everyday! I guess that's how they treated GMA's queen of prime time right? Just like royalty... and she deserves it wouldn't you say so? =)

Now going back to the film, these two guys right here represent the company that painstakingly took hours and hours of legwork to provide state of the art and world class computer graphics to the movie. We have to THANK THEM for making the effects and scenes like it was real life! I bet pretty soon, we would be at par with the Oscars in this department. I'm a computer engineer and kind of a skeptic when it comes to these things. But really, I was so impressed by their work I'd want to recommend these guys to film makers in the future. Imagine, two beauty queens, turned martial artists, turned ninjas turned magicians all in one! They even made this extra special but submitting with the deadline almost up. Making this while it was flooding in Manila was doubly hard they say; but that's a true story!

 See this guy beside Marian? He's Edward Mendez. You must have seen him most of the time in ramp and commercials but now he's doing a good job in this film. Director Onat Diaz says "Edward is a real discovery here, and you might think he's not going to do anything but strip down half naked in this film, but you're so wrong. He's got quite a number of lines that will surely tell the story of this project. He even did the stunts himself so imagine how hard he worked for the scenes that he did without a double. He is a discovery!" so for people who want to see him naked, you will be satisfied... but more because he's really done a lot with the story. You just have to find out what that means as the film shows on theaters tomorrow.

Yes you heard that right... this will be out October 2. As a matter of fact, they went out with a bang this evening on their premier night.  

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ZaiZai said...

I'll watch this on Saturday! :) Looks like a really funny movie plus Edward Mendez is in it, mostly half naked :)