The Marks and Spencer Food Fair

Sunday, October 06, 2013

A nice quaint afternoon while watching my timeline mentioned Marks and Spencer was having an event at the Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. I was literally just across that place so my friends from Nuffnang Philippines hooked me up to be in this great event.

Marks and Spencer has been my go to place for fashion and some of my prized jackets, shirts, overalls and accessories came from the same brand. Twas nice to finally see they've been going out and telling people about one more thing that I love about their store... it's the FOOD FOOD FOOD!

It's time for people to know more about Marks and Spencer's food through their own Food Fair. To get some of their best food items and show how it's easy to get imported quality food at a new, more affordable price. 

We arrived around 5ish so it was on the portion where Chef Luigi Mulach was showing everyone how to cook with food items found in Marks and Spencer. I was schooled, even shocked to know that they already have frozen items in the store. Check out how he incorporates some of Marks and Spencer's best sellers and whip up a complete meal in a few minutes. Pretty darn good stuff if you ask me!

The event was hosted by ETC's very own Sam Oh. She also introduced the young Chef Mulach :)

They said their pleasantries and just look at those bottles and containers in front which Chef Luigi will cook in a bit. They've even got frozen items on the menu which is so awesome! You don't have to spend time preparing too much before you cook. *thumbs up!*

Chef Luigi also recommended some of the great canned and bottled items that Marks and Spencer has on their shelf. Just look at their Tomato sauce, cream based ones and even Pesto. A dollop or two in a pot with cooked pasta, throw in some bacon, seafood and voila you have dinner served!

Look at his masterpiece! This is Chef Luigi Mulach's Crab Cakes, Duck Spring Rolls and Ham sandwich. I loved the spring rolls so much that I ate it in just a few seconds! No joke! =)

This one is his Creamy Pomodoro Pasta. Made with bottled real tomatoes from Marks and Spencer plus a few tablespoons of Pesto and cream. Too good for pictures eh?

This is Chef's Vegetable Curry and Bagoong Rice. Curry was from Marks and Spencer's frozen section, and it was GOOD! It had the right amount of spice and totally authentic! I loved this too! I was also a little dumbfounded about why the veggies were still crunchy and fresh even if it was already cooked. I guess you can only expect the best from this brand!

This is the Mango Cheesecake from Chef Luigi Mulach. It's not to presentable here because it's already cut but boy it was so good. Marks and Spencer has got the frozen section filled with ready made cheesecakes that you'll surely love, just whip up sugar, fruits and flambe it. There you go! You have your own specially made dessert in just a few minutes!

I also had to go and shop before going home. So I picked up a few items from their rack especially their tea! Oh this is so nice to have while in the office!

Of course I had to have my soft candies too, kids would love PERCY PIG and FIZZY COLA BOTTLES

Never for get one thing if you have the tea ready!

These awesome cookies didn't last very long. The ginger snaps were spicy and perfect for a night cap. Whilst the Milk Chocolate digestives were a cool companion with the Raspberry flavored tea. This is my kind of heaven on a chilly afternoon. It was really magnifique!

Grabbed one of these bottles too for a fresh, sunny softdrink that's got flavors of Florida Oranges all year round. It was oh so good! Ahhhh!

I'd like to take this bit to thank Marks and Spencer for bringing the best of fashion, food and lifestyle in the Philippines! Now we don't have to get to Europe to get one of these babies to your home. Just take a quick peek at their stores near you and grab one or more of these items to have a taste of what it is to have Marks and Spencer... and can be now in your own kitchens too! =)

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