Congratulations Miss World 2013 Megan Lynne Young!

Friday, October 04, 2013

I'd like to take this bit and congratulate Megan Young for winning the Miss World beauty pageant which was held in Bali, Indonesia. You made the whole Philippines proud! 

Solaire Resort and Casino was also the official residence of the Miss World Philippines pageant held this year. She also won a special award as Ms. Solaire Resort and Casino during that night as part of the other 9 awards given to her. They already knew she was bound for greatness!

Mr. Donato Almeda who is the current Board of Director for Solaire Resort and Casino has this to say after that momentous win;
"On behalf of the management and staff of Solaire, I extend my heartfelt congratulations. At the Miss World Philippines coronation we knew you would be the strongest contender yet. We are very excited over your win. And we are honored that Solaire was the home of the Miss World Philippines pageant for this year."
From me and the management of Solaire Resort and Casino, thank you for everything that you've done for the country Megan! We can't wait for your return to the Philippines! You truly are one blessed girl because you showed the world that you are genuinely good inside and out!


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