The LEE Style Army DIY Denim Workshop

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I didn't know how to make a pair of jeans til I got to this awesome event last week with LEE the jeans company. They held a DIY denim workshop for online media and celebrities at the fab URBN Bar at Fort Bonifacio.

I'm not a pro at this but the people from LEE basically didn't hold you back in interpreting your own style in creating a one of a kind, original pair of jeans. The dry treatments of making crevice like things on the fabric plus cuts and slashes from real deal tools from the manufacturer would tell you OH so this is how they made it.

Honestly at first I felt so bad because they were damaging the already good pieces from LEE but when I saw the other things that the designers made, oh so that's what they wanted us to do. Maybe they want to just have you spark your creativity and that's exactly what I tried to do afterwards.

The brand wants you to STAY CURIOUS. I really appreciated that part because they don't want us to just wear plain jeans... they want us to make our own masterpieces no matter how little skill we had in making these jeans. From dry treatments of sandpapers, cutting, slashing, combing, they all had that well taken cared of. 

Then on the wet stage they asked us to suit up and use different kinds of paint. I had fun with that and got busy with whites and neon too. Then we got busy smashing those buttons and studs in. That part was a wee bit difficult together with the machine we had to line up for to get the actual LEE label sewn in. We had some help with that admittedly but we had to choose which ones we had to use.

Then in the end, we had really great masterpieces and some not so good amateur ones but really, LEE got their point across. No matter how much time we have painstakingly spent in making our new jeans, we only think of one thing... we made it on our own.. we used our curiosity to make good things happen... and this one's for keeps!

Thank you so much to LEE for spending time with us and feeding our imagination... for feeding our curiosity. Now we can go and make sure our next pair of jeans are going to be original, unique and pretty much a basic item turned special. That's how we all feel I guess, it doesn't need to be expensive. We just need to have the right tools and the right people to connect and teach us how to do it. I've got a pretty good feeling we'll also get to see some of these shown in the Philippine Fashion Week, which I'll tell you in a bit. For the mean time, please do check their official Facebook page and website for more information about their latest collection.

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