Shane Filan Tops Philippine Charts with Everything To Me Album!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Shane Filan who was here a few days ago treated us all to entertainment and his presence at the SM Megamall in Manaluyong City, Philippines. I've been following him since Westlife days and I'm so glad the guys are still friends after all these years. Shane tells us quite a bit of the economics behind the band which caused their breakup after the last tour. Who wouldn't be sad seeing them go separate ways.. there's always a little thing that hurts when you think about it.

Ladies from local radio stations hosted the event and had Shane Filan on his feet. The usual questions were asked but some very surprising ones came from online media. (That includes me of course!) My brother is Irish and he's in Dublin for the longest time. I felt I had to ask Shane if he's ever been to Guiness which my brother is as the Executive Chef. Shane uttered, he's been there because he enjoys a pint or two of beer which that place is known for. I had to ask that because it was just after Arthur's Day in Ireland, a local holiday for them. For those who don't know, Westlife has been the pride of this country. They even go the mile in expressing these guys came from that country right after you step inside their airport. Much like Pacquiao is for us Filipinos.

He was quite happy to see the reception of Filipinos; saying they're still warm and just the same as when he was here years ago. He misses everything that he experienced here and was surprised some of the fans know exactly how many times they've been in the Philippines and where exactly they performed. It was like a quiz show when questions were thrown.

His music changed quite a lot. I can't say it's purely pop like when they used to do it with Westlife because it's got more of a native Irish tune to it. I guess Shane made it a point to go back to his roots and shape his path a little different than what we're used to. I must say, it looked very cool in my books since it's quite easy to listen too. Less complicated and easier to love. He's been working with quite a lot of lyricists and musicians and admittedly says it's pretty hard to be a frontman. He still needs the talent of a lot of people behind every song and music that plays on all his gigs.

A few days ago we got confirmation that Shane Filan's album entitled Everything To Me has topped the Philippine Astro Charts beating regulars like One Direction, Korean Boybands and various artists from Star Records for OPM. Quite a remarkable feat for a comeback but this is really going to make Shane's bid a solid one whilst he goes solo. He's a talented chap and he truly deserves to be in this place in the music industry! Congratulations Shane Filan! Stay awesome!

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pag pumunta si fave member Mark Westlife, I shallll GO HOME. and hanapin kita hahaha :P

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